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18 Best Outdoor Dog Beds In 2022: The Ultimate List

Imagine a scenario where it’s springtime and the weather is warm, your dog is restless and she needs to take a nap but the temperature inside your house is a bit hot and uncomfortable. This is when outdoor dog beds come in handy. 

This bed allows your dog to take naps just in your backyard comfortably. They are water-resistant and comfortable. Some of these beds are even designed with a canopy to protect your dog from the harshness of the sun and rain and still give her a comfortable nap.

Whenever a dog is adopted into a home she becomes part of the family. So having a nice outdoor bed would go a long way in keeping them happy during springs.

Outdoor beds are of two types. We have the On Ground Dog Beds and the Off Ground Dog Beds. 

On Ground Outdoor Dog Bed:

On Ground beds often come in the form of bean bags, large pillows, or mattresses. They are filled with ploy-plastic-type stuffing and covered with thick fabrics. These kinds of beds are put directly on the floor. However, as great as these beds may be they also have downsides, and one of them is that it absorbs water and holds it in. This will eventually lead to mold and mildew on the bed.

Off Ground Outdoor Dog Beds:

Off Ground Beds are four-legged metal frames with thick and durable fabrics pulled tightly over their tops. These pet beds stand six inches off the ground. They are the kind of beds that keep your pets away from dirt, rocks, and water. They also come in different sizes, offering you the luxury of choosing the one that best suits the size of your dog. 

The downside of off-ground outdoor dog beds is that their fabric wears off easily. 

So because of the constant demand for outdoor dog beds, we have compiled a massive list of 18 top-quality outdoor beds. 


Top 18 Outdoor Dog Beds

So guys for this part I will be grouping the beds into two parts; the On Ground Outdoor Beds and the Off Ground Outdoor Dog Beds for a better understanding. 

On Ground Outdoor Dog Beds


  1. Sealy Premium Bolster Dog Bed

This dog bed is one of the best on the market today. Sealy Premium Bolster has over 1200 reviews on Amazon with 80℅ of them being positive. The bed features three bolsters at its edges, a layer of cooling energy that aids in the regulation of the dog’s temperature. 

It also boasts of a layer made with Charcoal, that helps remove body odor from dogs. Sealy Premium also has a layer of memory and bio-orthopedic foam which helps in the even distribution of your dog’s weight around the bed. This bed can be washed by machine and comes in different colors. The bolsters help your dog relax its head while sleeping. It is available in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. Check Out Price On Amazon

  1. TheGreenPetsShop Dog Cooling Mat

This Mat has a special cooling ability, which makes it a nice addition to your dog’s belongings. It is flat and lightweight, so you can move them around easily. This mat is built with pressure-activated gel and doesn’t need electricity for it to start working. It can work for up to 3 hours straight and will automatically recharge back within 15 to 20 minutes when it is not being used. The GreenPetsShop mat is a great investment because it can function on its own without much work. This bed is available in 5 different sizes; extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. Check Out Price On Amazon 

  1. FurHaven Trail Pup Packable Stuff Sack Travel Pillow Dog Bed

As the name implies, FurHaven is the ideal bed for your dog when traveling. The bed provides a comfortable place of rest for your dog whenever you are traveling with it. Be it hiking, camping, visiting the park, or even visiting the beach, FurHaven is an ideal choice for your dog’s comfort.

FurHaven features a lightweight polyester fabric that is easy to clean or wash. An amazing feature of FurHaven is how easy you can roll it up and put it into its bag i.e whenever you want to move to a new place you just have to roll up the bed and move on. This is a no-stress kind of dog bed. This outdoor dog bed usually comes in three colors. They are Aqua and Granite Gray, Flame Red and True Blue, and Paprika and Camo-paw. It is available in small and large sizes. Check Out Price On Amazon

  1. Pet Craft Supply Outdoor Dog Bed

Pet craft was built with UV-treated fade-resistant polyester which makes it water-resistant. 

This bed can be easily cleaned by a washing machine. It is mainly made up of polyester. It is built for dogs that weigh less than 80 pounds. 

It is built to resist chewing. Pet crafts come in three colors which are Chocolate, Cloud, and Pewter. Check Out Price On Amazon 

  1. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Pet Fusion has a 4-inch memory foam that is water-resistant and tear-resistant. This bed also has a very comfortable, well-stuffed bolster that your dog can rest its head on while sleeping. It boasts of a removable cotton and polyester cover that can be washed with a machine. 

However, this bed is highly expensive. Also, Its bolster pillows can’t be removed therefore making it hard to clean. Check Out Price On Amazon 


  1. EMME Padded Pet Bed

The EMME Padded bed is available in different sizes. It can also be washed with a machine.

The EMME is designed with a breathable material built to aid and help in the flow of air around your dog. The cover of this bed is a thick mesh fabric alongside thick seams. 

However, the EMME doesn’t provide enough padding. Its center is very thin and there are no bolsters at its edges. Check Out Price On Amazon 

  1. Majestic Outdoor Round Pet Bed 

This Outdoor Dog Bed is round and looks like a bean bag and it is stuffed with polyesters. This bed is very soft and sturdy, and also doesn’t wear out easily. The sturdy polyester cover is removable and can be machine washed. 

However, this bed has a waterproof bottom and a water-resistant top, a feature that can make water that enters the bed not to go out. Check Out Price On Amazon 

  1. Cheerhunting Outdoor Dog Bed

This bed is made of high-quality durable Oxford materials that don’t wear off easily. The inner mattress filling is made up of cotton. It also has a unique foldable design which makes it easy to carry about. 

However, these beds are usually thin with little padding, it is also not a good decision for dogs that chew on bed materials because the seams of this bed are not too strong. Check Out Price On Amazon

  1. Chuckit! Travel Pillow Dog Bed

The Chuckit! Travel Pillow dog bed comes with a bag and is easily foldable. It can also be used for dogs when in a car. It can be washed and it comes in a large size. The material used for this bed is durable and the stitching is also excellent.

However, these beds are usually kept on the ground so it absorbs moisture since it is not waterproof or water-resistant. This product is also not suitable for chewer dogs as they can create holes in it easily. Check Out Price On Amazon

  1. The Bed Sure Waterproof Dog Bed

This outdoor dog bed boasts a waterproof cover that shields the foam from absorbing moisture, even on wet days. It is available in different sizes so you just have to pick the one that fits your dog perfectly. The cover of this bed can also be machine washed. The material used for the inner mattress is a very soft ultra-plush fleece. 

However, the cover has a flimsy zipper which would make it extremely difficult to wash. The bed also makes a cranky sound that your dog may not like. Check Out Price On Amazon 

  1. AmazonBasics Water Resistant Dog Bed

The Amazon bed is fitted with a durable and sturdy Oxford fabric. The bed also features waterproof covers and very soft foam. It has raised edges that your dogs can rest their heads on while they are sleeping. 

At the center of the Amazon Basics dog bed, there is a cushion inserted in it that guarantees maximum comfort for your dog. 

However, this bed can also be chewed on by dogs. Chewing on it would create multiple holes which would let moisture in and cause water sloshing. This bed can’t be washed by a machine and it is difficult to maintain. Check Out Price On Amazon

  1. FocusPet Orthopedic Dog Bed

The FocusPet Orthopedic dog bed ranges from size 25 to 40 inches long. This bed is stuffed with high-quality memory foam that would give your pet a comfortable sleep. They also boast of an anti-slip bottom feature that prevents the bed from slipping whenever your dog gets on it or gets down from it. The cover of this bed is also removable and can be washed by machines.

However, this bed is not water-proofed and would absorb water when left on the ground, this would result in the bed having an odor which will in turn cause your dog to smell. The stitching of the bed is also loose and may not last for a long time. Check Out Price On Amazon

  1. K9 Ballistics Original Tuff Bed

This bed comes with a 90-day chew-proof guarantee! i.e if your dog happens to chew through its cover before 90days then you can ask for a refund. This bed is made up of proprietary fiber that is built to resist even the most destructive canines.

This bed boasts a recycled polyester fiber cushion filling and a water-resistant cover. It also has an odor-resistant feature too. 

However, the material used in making this bed is not very soft because it is built to resist chewing. Check Out Price On Amazon 

Off Ground Outdoor Dog Beds

1 Amazon Basics Cooling Elevated Pet Bed

This bed stands at about 7inches tall, this keeps your dog cool all day as there is space for air to move freely under it. Its platform is produced from breathable mesh fabric, and its sturdy iron frame can take the weight of any dog size. 

This bed can also be assembled or disassembled if the need arises.

However, this bed does not have a canopy. Check Out Price On Amazon

  1. SUPERJARE Outdoor Dog Bed

The SUPERJARE bed is about 9 inches tall and can hold dogs that weigh up to 120 pounds at maximum. This bed also has a lot of space, so there is enough space for your dog to lie on. One of the most unique features of this bed is that it has a canopy over it. This prevents harsh weather conditions from affecting your dog when taking a nap outdoors. This bed is also very easy to assemble and easy to carry. The fabric used in building this bed is durable and of high quality. 

However, the canopy of this bed is thin and wouldn’t last long before it wears off especially if it is left under the sun for long. Another major downside of this bed is that the entrance of this bed is a bit small and it can be a bit stressful to enter and go out. Check Out Price On Amazon

  1. Colaroo Elevated Dog Bed

The Colaroo dog bed is a low-cost dog bed. It is easy to carry around and clean. It also boasts of a mold and mildew-resistant feature. It is even resistant to fleas and ticks. This bed stands about 8 inches off the ground and it is available in a variety of colors.

However, this bed comes in small sizes and would not suit large dogs. There is also no canopy in this bed. Check Out Price On Amazon 

  1. K&H Pet Products Elevated Dog Bed

The K&H dog bed can hold up to 150 pounds. It features a mesh fabric that weighs a little over 5 pounds and is very easy to carry. These beds are also easy to assemble. The mesh fabric aids the air circulation in the bed that keeps your dog cool all day. (They come in different sizes and stand above the ground).

However, the pad of this bed does not last long especially if you have a dog that has sharp nails. This bed does not feature a canopy. At the end of the metal frame of this bed, there is also a plastic cap that is fragile and can break if your dog is heavy. Check Out Price On Amazon

  1. Vehoo Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed

The Vehoo outdoor elevated dog bed is a table-like dog bed. Its steel frames are sturdy. It doesn’t need tools to assemble and the setup is pretty easy. It is also lightweight and easy to carry around. This bed holds up to 150 pounds.

However, dogs like chewing the vehoo connections, the connections are also difficult to align with the frame. The colors of this dog bed also fade if they are exposed to too much sunlight. This bed does not have a canopy. Check Out Price On Amazon

  1. Love’s Cabin Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed

The metal frame of this bed is skid-resistant i.e it does not move whenever your dog goes down or climbs up. It also accommodates large sizes of dogs. The beds are also not vulnerable to mold or mildew growth. This bed is about 8 inches tall and easy to carry.

However, this bed mesh material is very thin and tends to sag easily. Small dogs will also find it difficult to climb up or down from this bed at first but will likely get used to it over time. Check Out Price On Amazon 

Things To Consider Before Buying An Outdoor Dog Bed

1. Size: knowing the size of the dog bed that best suits your dog is the first step you have to go through when making the right purchase decision. 

The weight and height of your dog should be your priority when buying a dog bed. This will help you not to buy an undersized or oversized dog bed. 

  1. Comfort: Your dog bed is supposed to be very comfortable for your dog to have a good nap or rest outdoors. So when buying a bed you should consider if the material used in making the bed is comfortable and cozy. 
  2. Water and Weather Resistant: Your outdoor dog bed should be able to handle some reasonable amount of sunlight, rain, or even dirty paws. However, even if your dog bed is waterproofed, it is not advisable to leave it outside when it is raining hard. 
  3. Durability: Your dog bed should be able to last for a reasonable period. It should be resistant to some things like mold and mildews.


Dogs love to walk around on sunny days and sometimes enjoy the cool weather outdoors. So getting a nice outdoor bed for your dog where it can rest, and enjoy the cool weather in your backyard is a nice investment. Cheers!        

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