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8 Best Retractable Dog Gate In 2022

If you are a dog owner and you are looking for something that can keep your pets more controlled, then getting a retractable gate is a great option. If you need something that would keep your dog controlled in a particular place and is not too sophisticated and hard to install, if you want to keep your canines away from kids and stop them from falling down the stairs, retractable gates are your best bet.

The benefits of retractable gates are many, aside from keeping your dogs controlled it has other great features. 

One of the most sought-after features of a retractable gate is its pet-friendly nature. Most pet gates (wood or plastic) are cumbersome and permanent. 

So because of the high demand for a dog-friendly gate, the retractable dog gate was created. 

While keeping your pet controlled the retractable dog gate also keeps your pet safe.

Another nice feature of this gate is its easy installation process. Unlike other pet gates, the retractable dog gates are very easy to install and use. 

A retractable gate gives you a long-lasting solution on how to maintain a well-organized household even with pets and little children. 

Today there are several retractable dog gates for dogs on the market and each of these gates has its unique features. 

Here I will be showing you our best pick retractable dog gate. We will be sharing their features, merits, and demerits. 

  1. The Gaterol Retractable Safety Dog Gate:

This Gaterol gate is about 36 inches tall which is a big bonus as pets can’t possibly jump out of it. This gate can be adjusted up to 55 inches in length. This gate perfectly fits all standard doors and entryways.

This gate is a sturdy type, however, it should never be used outdoors. One of the most eye-catchy features of this gate is its variety of colors. It comes in five different colors allowing you to choose the one that would match the decor of your home. 

Handling the Gaterol dog gate is very convenient and easy; it can be operated with just one hand. This comes in handy in situations where one of your hands is engaged in something else. 

The Gaterol gate also gives a warning signal whenever it opens. This will go a long way in alerting you if you unintentionally open the gate. 


  • The Gaterol dog gate is economical as it comes with up to 2 matching units. This saves you some money. 
  • The Gaterol dog gate is also multipurpose and can fit doors ranging from 18 inches to 55 inches, so if you have a small door this retractable gate can be adjusted to fit it perfectly. 
  • This gate can be operated with just one hand!
  • It gives warning alerts whenever it gets opened.


We found no disadvantage in the Gaterol dog gate. Check Price On AmazonAmazon

  1. The Babepai Dog Gate:

With a height of 34 inches and an adjustable length of 54 inches, the Babepai gates stand out among other retractable gates. This gate is also safe for your dogs. 

Another very unique feature is that it can be used anywhere, either indoors or outdoors. The Babepai gate is very reliable and a great option to consider when searching for a quality dog gate. 

Its height of about 34 inches rules out the possibility of your pet jumping over it. It can be adjusted up to 54 inches in length to fit different sizes of doorways.

The Babepai dog gate was created from mesh materials. It has no gaps in it so it is impossible for pets to bring out their paws or for children to stick their fingers in it. 

Another of Babepai’s interesting features is that it comes with two different sets of installation hardware i.e if you ever need to change the location of the gate or you need to block different places at different times, it will be easy.

The Babepai gate comes with a drill template. Installing this gate is very easy and would not be strenuous even if you are not a handy person.


  • Because this dog gate is made from mash materials, they are relatively easy to open and close.
  • This gate is for multipurpose use. They can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • The Babepai gate is adjustable with a length of 54 inches. 


  1. The Betertek Retractable Gate For Dog: 

The Betertek dog gate can be used for a baby and a dog. It can be adjusted up to 54 inches to fit any doorway or entryway. The mesh on these gates is scratch-resistant, durable, and sturdy. This is a very important feature as dogs often try to scratch their gates. 

The Betertek dog gate can be installed with just a simple screwdriver and other hand tools instead of power tools. This dog gate also does not require a drill. 

This gate also comes with two separate sets of installation hardware. This means you can occasionally move the gate from one door to another depending on the one that needs to be blocked. This is very economical as it saves you a lot of money since you don’t have to buy a new retractable gate anytime you need to block a new entryway or door. 

This dog gate can also be operated with one hand. If you need a sturdy retractable dog gate, the Betertek dog gate is a good option. 


  • Betertek gate can serve both a baby and a dog i.e you could also get this gate if you need a baby retractable gate. 
  • The Betertek gate is adjustable up to 54 inches and can fit all standard doorways and entries. 
  • These gates are very durable and sturdy 
  • They are also easy to install 


We found no disadvantage of the Betertek retractable gate. Check Price On Amazon 

  1. GMI Sliding Dog Gate:

If you are looking for a retractable dog gate that can cover large doorways or entries, then GMI sliding dog gate is a great option. This gate can stretch up to 108 inches! 

These gates are very simple to operate. They also have a middle additional leg for balance. It has a single latch that you can easily open even if your hands are full. 

The hardware kit of this gate is also included when you purchase it. With the aid of this hardware kit, you can easily install the gate. The gate is adjustable from 40 inches to 108 inches. It can also be compressed to about 25.5 inches. This gate is 32 inches tall. 

Another nice feature of this GMI sliding dog gate is that you can install it with hand tools i.e you don’t have to go searching for power tools, you can simply and easily use hand tools. 

The GMI retractable gate is one of the best retractable dog gates you can see in the market that covers wide entries. 


  • These gates can fit wide doorways or entries up to 108 inches. 
  • You can latch or unlatch it with one of your hands. 
  • Due to the design of this gate, it is easy to retract and slide it. 
  • This gate is 32 inches tall making it extremely difficult for pets to jump out. 


  1. PRObebi Pet Retractable Gate: 

This gate can also be opened and closed with one hand and ease. This comes in handy when you have to pass through this gate and you don’t want your dog to. 

Another great feature of this gate is that its lock is at the top of it away from the reach of little children and pets. This feature would ensure children of pets don’t unlock the gate without you knowing. 

This gate can be used indoors or outdoors. This gate can adjust up to 72 inches in any direction you desire. The lock mechanism of this gate is a little complex so pets and children can’t easily breach the lock. 


  • The lock of this gate has a 360-degree latching so it can’t be opened by pets or children
  • The gate can fit standard doorways and entries. It can also be adjusted up to 72 inches wide and 34 inches tall.


  1. Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite Pet Gate:

This Richell gate is made of wood. Its design would even add more color to your home. It has a variety of sizes and weighs about 44 pounds. It boasts four panels made with hard durable wood. It also features a special 90° and 180° angle lock.

The Richell gate can also serve as a room divider or your dog’s playpen as it can cover a large area. 


  • This type of dog gate suits large openings better as it covers a lot of space.
  • This gate will be perfect for small or medium-sized dogs because of its lightweight
  • The design of this gate is top-notch
  • You can also use this gate for other purposes like a room divider or a playpen for your dog


  • This gate is a bit on the high side i.e it is expensive 
  • This gate is not a perfect idea for dogs that weigh over 44 pounds 
  • There have also been complaints about the pin that holds the panels together. Users have described it as difficult to remove. Check Price On Amazon

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  1. MyPet Pet Gate Passage Gate:

The MyPet dog gate is made of heavy-duty steel. It also features a very eye-catching and attractive matte bronze finish. This gate has two different heights of 36 inches and 42 inches. So you can choose the one that suits your dog better. It also comes in two different types of weights; 9 pounds and 14 pounds.

One of the most attractive features of this gate is its swinging door, this swinging door allows your dog free access to walk in and out with your permission. This door is also adjustable.


  • This gate stands several inches above the ground. A feature that foils any of your dog’s escapade plans.
  • The lock mechanism of this gate is easy to operate 
  • The door of this gate can swing in both directions 


  • Larger dogs can’t enjoy the swinging door feature as the door is made for small dogs.
  • This dog gate can’t deal with too much pressure as it is a bit fragile. Check Price On Amazon
  1. MyPet North States Paw Portable Pet Gate:

This dog gate is very easy to carry and use. It features rubber bumpers that ensure it doesn’t leave scratches on the wall. Even though it is very light, it is still strong enough to keep your dog controlled. It comes in two colors which are field stone and light gray. This dog gate also has an attractive paw-print design engraved in the gate, this makes it even more alluring. 


  • This gate is not expensive
  • The design of this gate is top-notch
  • It has rubber bumpers around its edges so it won’t damage your walls 
  • These gates are portable 
  • This gate can also suffice for traveling.


  • This gate may not be able to hold determined dogs 
  • The gate is made of plastic and is vulnerable to chewing, so it won’t suit chewer dogs 
  • This gate would not hold large dogs as it stands just 23 inches tall above the ground. Check Price On Amazon 


Before choosing a dog gate they are certain things you must consider. Things like; the size of your doorways, if you want the gate to be outside or inside, and which particular location will the dog gate be installed.

In this guide, we have listed 8 of the best Retractable dog gates and all of these gates are nice. However, while choosing you must make sure the one you choose matches your wants. Cheer!              

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