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Black Axolotl – Full Breed Guide For Beginners

Black Axolotl

In the world of amphibians, the axolotl breed stands out for its appearance, personality, and behaviors. The black axolotl is an even more unique type of axolotl. It is a very peculiar and fascinating creature. If you are looking to own a black axolotl or you want to learn more about the black axolotl, then this guide is for you.

The Black Axolotl

The black Axolotl popularly known as Ambystoma Mexicanum is a unique creature that belongs to the axolotl big family of amphibians. Axolotls are fascinating and wonderful creatures and the black species is not different from its siblings.

The black axolotl is also fondly called Mexican walking fish by some pet lovers. 

Why Are Black Axolotls Black?

The mystery behind their color.

The major reason why some axolotls take up black coloration is because of the large number of melanophores that are present in the axolotl’s pigment instead of the iridophores. The black axolotl is also popularly called melanoid axolotl because of the level of the melanoid present in their body pigments.

Black Axolotl

The first black axolotl was seen in 1961 at a laboratory. Black axolotl’s coloration can range from very dark green to black. However, all the color variations have one common characteristic, all the variations have purple-colored gills that give each of them a unique color of its own. 

Characteristics of Black Axolotl

Black axolotl has a nice personality and appearance. Its characteristics are the main factor that makes it stand out among other amphibians. 


One of the most intriguing features of the black axolotl is its face which appears to be smiling always, even in dangerous situations. The body of the black axolotl takes up an eel-like appearance that is beautifully adorned by Its color. The amphibian’s cute webbed feet add up to make it an interesting creature to own or study. They also boast of beautiful spiky manes and unique cute little spots that spread all over their backs and heads. 

Black Axolotl

The color of these amphibians is usually all black however, they can also spot very dark varieties of green or gray. 


The black axolotl is a big creature. The size of a black axolotl depends majorly on its care and feeding. 

If the axolotl is given enough food and grooming it can grow up to 12 inches when it is fully matured. 


The lifespan of this amphibian also depends majorly on its care and feeding. If it is given proper care and food it can live up to 15 years.


Axolotls are shy amphibians. They prefer to spend their days in the nooks of the aquarium where they can be far from sight. These creatures will really appreciate plants in the aquarium that can help them set up a hiding place. 

Axolotls are intelligent and attentive creatures. They may attempt to interact with you if they see you often.

Black Axolotl

How Much Do Black Axolotl Cost

Black axolotl’s price increases as they grow into mature adults. The price of an axolotl may vary depending on the breeder and your location. However, Black Axolotl should cost from $50 to $80

Care For A Black Axolotl


The black Axolotl’s diet should contain meat majorly as they are carnivorous. Earthworms, Prawns, Tunas, Blood worms, Mealworms, and Brine shrimp will make a perfect meal for your axolotl. The addition of other supplements, fruits, etc is not necessary. 

Because these amphibians experience slow digestion, feeding them daily is not necessary. Feeding them three times a week will keep them well-fed and full of energy.

Living Condition

Tank behavior: black axolotls are solitary creatures that prefer having the whole tank to themselves. They won’t bond well with other tank mates. They may exhibit aggression or even go as far as eating up their tank mates if they(tankmates) are small enough. 

If you must get a tankmate for them, then ensure you get a tankmate that is as big as them to avoid bullying or eating. Axolotls will also try to interact with you as soon as they know your face.

Axolotl black

Aquarium Care

Black axolotls like all amphibians will thrive in a good aquatic environment. The provision of all their aquarium basic necessities is paramount in deciding the quality of your axolotl’s life. To keep your axolotl healthy throughout its life you will need to have the necessary information about the care of these amphibians. 


A black axolotl will need a big tank to enable it to swim freely. A big tank would also give your axolotl a place to create a hideout. 

A tank that can contain at least 20 gallons of water is the ideal type of tank for black axolotls. It is important to note that you can go for a bigger tank if you have the space for it. 

Also, ensure you get a lid for the tank as these creatures are well known for their jumps. A 20-gallon tank with a fitted lid is an ideal home for your black axolotl.


Balck axolotls can’t tolerate a dirty tank. A dirty tank will introduce several diseases and infections. 

One commonly used and recommended filter is the sponge filter. Axolotls love their environment to be calm, and sponge filters get rid of dirt in the tank with very little movement. This allows your axolotl to have the calm environment that they have always loved. 


It is essential that your aquarium has the exact water pH that suits your axolotl taste. The water pH level of the axolotl tank must not exceed 8.0 and must not be below 6.5. 

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The right water temperature is essential for keeping healthy black axolotl. The temperature of the water should be between 60°f – 64°f.


The black axolotls originated from the wild type of axolotls that lives in Mexico. The melanoides inherited some behaviors and traits from their wild parents like all axolotls morphs. One of the traits they inherited is their love for the natural habitat. Like their parents, black axolotls will love to have the natural day and night cycle of nature in their home. So you should always put up a bright light when it’s day and a dim one when it’s nighttime to make the tank appear like its natural habitat.


Black axolotls will do well with a bare bottom. However, if you must add a substrate it should be one that allows them to have a grip on the floor. Substrates like slate, and stones, that are bigger than their mouth will be ideal for black axolotls.

Never use graves or small stones as substrates because black axolotls eat almost everything and ingestion of gravels will likely lead to intestinal blockage which could be fatal. 

Breeding & Reproduction

A black axolotl will reach sexual maturity when it is a year old. A male and a female will engage in a union which will produce an average of 300 eggs that will rest on the surface of the tank. If a temperature of 75°f is kept constant the eggs will hatch after fifteen days and produce young black axolotls. At this point, it is important to separate the babies from the adults as axolotls will eat anything small enough to fit into their mouths. 

Health Problems of Axolotls

The major cause of health issues in axolotls is a dirty environment. An untidy environment will introduce fungi, bacteria, and parasites to your back axolotl body system and make it ill. Their diet is also an important factor, giving them the wrong diet may also make them fall sick and eventually die.

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Another major cause of back axolotls health issues is an aggressive bigger tank mate and inappropriate substrate. 

Also never handle the axolotl even if it is inside water. You may greatly stress them. Black axolotls are aquatic creatures that can’t live outside water. Some minutes out of their tank would probably be fatal. 

Are Black Axolotls Good Pets

You will have to make this decision yourself. But we will assist you by listing out some pros and cons of having these unique amphibians around.


  • Black axolotls will make good additions to your home. They are interesting to watch and will keep you entertained (especially when they are not hiding lol).
  • Black axolotls do not require much attention. These amphibians are good with just a clean and conducive environment, and good food.
  • These unique amphibians do not need partners like most pets. You don’t need to worry about double expenses. 


  • A Black axolotl home will take up a lot of space. Their tank will need a big place because this breed likes to live in big tanks. 
  • If you are looking for a pet that you can always interact with, a pet that will be your companion, then the black axolotl is not an option. Black axolotls are solitary creatures that enjoy being alone. 
  • If you need a pet that you can handle and play with, black axolotls may not be the pet you are looking for. 


A black axolotl is a great pet to have. It is very easy to care for it as it requires no special care. Exciting to watch, ever smiling expression, low grooming requirements, with all these features, the black axolotl is certainly worth a try. 

We hope this article answers all your questions about the black axolotl. Cheers!  

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