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Black Cat with Blue Eyes: History, Genetics, Traits, Grooming

Black cats with blue eyes are arguably one of the most alluring and attractive cat  breedsin the world. Most cats normally have either beautiful green or yellow eyes, while some are blessed with blue eyes. Cats with blue eyes are rare to find, especially a black cat with blue eyes. 

Black cats with blue eyes are very lovely and unique creatures, their stealthy coat color and intense blue eyes blend so well giving them a cute look. 

In this article we will be providing answers to big questions about blue eyed black cats. What cat breeds are black and have blue eyes? How did black cats with blue eyes come into existence? Etc. These are some of the questions we will be answering. 

History of Black Cats with Blue Eyes

The most common eye color among cats are yellow and green, however, there is a unique eye color that is quite different from the normal. 

The Ojos Azules are a breed of cats with a black coat and a set of blue eyes. The Ojos Azules are black cats with blue eyes. They were first discovered in 1984 living among other cats in New Mexico. The first blue eyed cat discovered was a tortoise shell color named corn flower. She was bred with males without blue eyes and her gene proved to be dominant which made her give birth to lovely blue eyed kittens. 

After some time, this new found breed of blue eyed cats were named Ojos Azules – meaning blue eyes. A very befitting name for this lovely creature as it describes their distinctive feature. 

It is very important to note that the gene that causes the deep blue eyes in the Ojos Azules cat is not linked to any specific coat pattern or color. In other words, the coat color pattern of the Ojos Azules doesn’t affect their eye color. 

Over the years, breeders have discovered that the Ojos Azules have to be crossed with other breeds without similar traits to enable them to give birth to healthy kittens. 

Even though the Ojos Azules were discovered in 1984, this unique breed of cat wasn’t recognized until 1991 when the International Cat Association (TCA) approved its existence. 

Apart from the blue eyed black cats found in the US another blue eye black cat has been discovered in Australia even though none of the US breed was shipped there. 

The Theory Behind the Eye Color of The Black Cats with Blue Eyes

The cat’s blue eyes come from two sets of genes. The first gene limits the expression of colors to a specific body area, why the second contains dominant white genes that obscure color. The blue color effect of the cat eye is as a result of the presence of special pigment cells in the iris. 

There are two irises containing melanocytes which are the inner layer closest to the back of the eye which is the epithelium with dense melanocytes, and the outer layer containing loosely packed melanocytes. 

It is a known fact that cat eyes are mostly green or yellow, let me explain why it is so and also explain how the black cat got a blue eye instead of the normal yellow or green. 

The number of melanocytes in the matrix is correlated with the color of the eye i.e when the number of melanocytes is high the brown eyes or copper eyes are produced. On the other hand when the number of melanocytes is low, green eyes are produced. Pigmented cells rarely produce blue eyes, this is the reason why black cats with blue eyes are rare. 

All cats normally have blue eyes when they are born, but the blue eyes change to either yellow or green as soon as they clock 8 weeks which is equivalent to 2months.

I hope you now understand the theory behind the blue eye color of black cats and the reason why they are rare. 

Characteristics of Black Cats with Blue Eyes

Though relatively small in size, black cats with blue eyes are loyal, active, very social and friendly. 

Even though a formal description of the blue eyed black cat is yet to be established, their deep blue eyes are considered to be a major feature of the Ojos Azules. 

The coats of these cats are soft and silky, they are medium in size with a triangular shape like a head. Its round large eyes sit perfectly on its head and their tail is almost proportionate with their body.

Some of these cats have white patches on their body.

Not much is known presently about the Ojos Azules cat as it is a very rare breed.

Care and Grooming of the Black Cats with Blue Eyes

A black cat with blue eyes needs moderate attention. They get along well with adults, so if you are ever looking for a lovely attractive feline friend, you should consider getting a Ojos Azule. 

It is important to keep these blue eyed black cats active as they don’t like being idle.

If you are wondering how to keep these cute little felines active, you don’t have to because I got you covered. Introducing a variety of toys and setting aside some quality time to play and relate with this breed of cat would go a long way in keeping them healthy, and also help boost your relationship with them. 

These black cats with blue eyes have no problem living with other felines, they easily adapt to new surroundings and get along pretty well with other pets. 

This breed of cat has no special nutrition needs, however, it is very important to give them the best food you can get as you wouldn’t want to keep this cute cat hungry or malnourished. If you can’t get hold of fresh foods, ensure you choose a commercial brand that uses real meat or fish as the main ingredient. Lest I forget, this meal should not contain too many carbohydrates. 

These felines are easy to grow and you don’t have to worry yourself over tedious grooming, because these cats are good to go with just occasional brushing. 

Their coat is silky and soft, so a little brushing now and then would do the magic and also it could be used to bond with them alongside helping them maintain a clean and smooth coat. 

Lastly, it is very important that you get a good pair of claw trimmers for them. As you know felines need their claws trimmed at all times. Get claw trimmers and trim their claws regularly.

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Health Issues of a the Black Cats with Blue Eyes

Black cats with blue eyes are are not allowed to meet with males of the same trait because it will lead to leather mutation and deformed growth. This means that if two black cats with blue eyes are bred together it would lead to problems that could result in stillbirth. 

The concept is that when the gene is homozygous (black cat with blue eyes to black cat with blue eyes) it causes cranial deformities, white fur and small curved tail. But when the gene is heterozygous (black cat with blue eyes to any other breed of cat) the severe genetic mutation will not occur.


Black Cats with Blue Eyes are very lovely creatures. They will make a perfect pet as they are highly sociable and active. Black cats with blue eyes are estimated to cost about $1500, and believe me they are worth every single penny. 

Breeders are working daily to increase the population of this peculiar cat. Hopefully in the near future we will all have easy access to the beautiful felines. Trust me you will really love having them around. Cheers!

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