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Boys and A Dog Homemaking Homeschooling Tips for Busy Folks

Boys and A Dog Homemaking Homeschooling Tips for Busy Folks

The impact of parents on the homeschooling education of their boys and dog can’t be over-emphasized. Being a busy parent does not mean you can’t play a great role in your kid’s and dog’s education. Even with your busy schedule you can crave quality time to monitor your child and dog’s education, and make sure the learning process is going smoothly. 

To achieve this you have to come up with a competent strategy on how to manage both work and your boys and dog homemaking homeschooling. 

To successfully educate your kids and dog you have to be informed about homeschooling. It will be of great help if you read books and join groups and forums where information concerning Boys and a Dog Homemaking homeschooling is being discussed. 

Here are some of the most competent boys and a dog homemaking homeschooling tips for busy folks. 

boys and a dog homeschooling homemaking for busy folks

Boys and A Dog Homemaking Homeschooling Tips for Busy Folks

Create a Conducive Environment

The first step you might want to take when you want to homeschool your boy and dog is creating a conducive environment. You must create an environment that supports the learning process, an area that is void of distraction. Here are some of the characteristics your sons and dog learning environment must possess;

Serenity: it is no news that a peaceful and calm place is an ideal environment for learning. This place should be situated far from traffic areas of the house, things that may cause distraction like TVs should be kept far away from this area.

Learning Equipment: learning equipment should also be provided in the area of learning. Comfortable chairs and tables, smart boards, and lots of books amongst others should be present in your son and dog’s learning environment. 

Order: a learning environment should be in complete order. If possible you can get a shelf for storing books. A well-ordered learning environment helps learners navigate around learning materials effortlessly. 

Set Rules: your boys and dog may sometimes get a little naughty so it is important that you discipline both the boys and the dog. You can put up a flyer containing the rules you want everybody to follow on it. This is an important part of your boys and a dog homemaking homeschooling process. It teaches your son and dog the art of obeying rules and living a disciplined life. For example; your boys and dog should know they are supposed to clear their mess after play. 

Book-Based Homeschooling: one of the best ways to homeschool your son is by using a book-based program. One of these special programs is the Dog on a Log. Dog on a log is an ideal program for your boys. However, Dog on a log requires that you are more active in your kid’s homeschooling as you have to carefully monitor the learning process. 

It requires you to create more content from its materials and teach your children. 

Keep your Dog under control: be sure to teach your dog obedience. Simple commands like “come”, ” sit”, and “stand” should be taught to your dog. To teach it this commands you just have to keep saying the words in a firm tone till it gets a hang of it.

When your dog is well informed of these simple commands, a boy-and-dog partnership will become very adorable. Also, ensure you always provide time and space for your dog to burn out its energy with exercises daily. 

Your boys and dog will bond well as long as they are both well-mannered. However, ensure you keep a close eye on the behavior of your dog and boys when they are with each other. Your sons may exhaust the dog with their activities. Also teach your boys the proper way to care for a dog, slapping or pulling at its coat may make your dog detest your son’s company. 

Go on Excursions: Going to interacting and educative places like parks, public libraries, zoos, museums, and other historical landmarks can help your boys and dog to explore and learn exciting new things. These field trips would also offer a change of their learning environment that they may already find boring. These trips will also help you to do more. In the course of these excursions, you can ask your sons about how a class is going and give them thoughtful pieces of advice. 

Be sure to book an appointment before visiting a place and probably get a guide if you can. Before going on this trip, ensure you have some knowledge about the place as your boys would likely ask you questions. 

No room for Unhealthy Competition: one of the major reasons why you probably want to homeschool your boys and dog is because you want them to learn at their own pace. A boy and a dog do not need to be compared with other children or dogs as this might kill their confidence. Boys and a dog homemaking homeschooling were established so you can be informed about your child’s progress and weakness in learning. 

Encourage Your Kids: for most kids, just a few kind words from their parents will make them eager to read in a bid to please their parents. Encourage your kids to do things excellently on their own. Set the bar high by being an inspiration and role model to them. 

Keep a Well Ordered Play Area: your boys and dog play area will surely be filled with all kinds of toys. It is important that you always tidy it up and keep the area organized. This way they can easily get it, and after play be able to keep their toys in order. To achieve this, you can get some boxes and baskets and divide the toys among them. Thereby making your kids know which box or basket holds each toy. 

Be Patient: 

Homeschooling is a gradual process. For you to be successful you have to teach your boys patiently till they get the hang of it and start studying on their own. 

Keep a Record:

One of the best ways to keep yourself updated about your boy’s progress in homeschooling is by keeping a record of all your activities. This will help you to know where you stand and how far you have gone.

Teach Creativity: 

It’s important that you not only teach your child in a class full of books but also allow time for them to learn in other ways.

You can get educational games (Like Puzzles etc), good magazines, and crafts. 

Allocate Time For Playing Outdoors: 

As the popular saying goes “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. When children only do school work without time for play and rest, they will become burned out and unable to learn anything. 

Outdoor play is known to help in relieving stress and also aid in the absorption of Vitamin D)

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Be Attentive: 

Children will always be happy to learn if you pay attention to them. When your children are reading, try to make your presence felt, and let them know that you at very much interested in the book they are reading as much as they are. Even when they are playing games you should pay attention to them.  This will help your children learn and work happily and confidently. 

boys and a dog homemaking homeschooling for busy folks

Creating A Homeschooling Schedule For Your Boys

Creating a homeschooling schedule for your boys is very important as it will keep them organized. Here are some helpful tips that will aid you to create an effective homeschooling schedule. 

1 Assign each day to a purpose

  1. Write out each day’s task 
  2. Remember to begin with a general outline
  3. Allow time for rest and play 
  4. Do not stick to the schedule too strictly. You can change a couple of things if it affects your boys. 

Some of the best ways you can keep your dogs engaged while you are working 

Intentionally hide treats: dogs are naturally scavengers that love to explore. Hiding some treats in an enclosed area will sorely keep them engaged for a long time. This will also be fun for them because they will get excited looking for the treat. However, don’t hide the treats in a place that will be difficult to find.

Engaging your dog in a pup date: if you have a friend or colleague that owns a dog and is usually busy, both of you can allow the dogs to keep each other company while you work. Remember to carefully watch your dog’s behavior with her companion to know if they are bonding well. Also, ensure that you provide sufficient toys for the dogs.

Provide a good play area; if your dog has a lot of energy then a play area is a “Yes” for her. You can furthermore design the playground by stocking it up with toys, treats, and any other thing that may interest your dog, keeping it active and engaged. The play area can also serve as an exercise ground for your canine friend. 

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Provide toys: all dogs love toys….well not all but most dogs do lol. Getting some amazing toys for your dog will keep them engaged and happy. Remember to always arrange their toys after they are done with them for easy retrieval later. Do not buy toys that are very difficult to play with. Difficult toys will make your dog lose interest in them. You don’t have to continue getting new toys always, you can always dig up old toys that your dog has forgotten. Old forgotten toys may appear to be new to your dogs. 

Cook with the boys: some children may not like cooking but occasional cooking together will be fun. You can encourage your sons to participate actively in the kitchen while you are preparing the family’s meals. Apart from how exciting this can be, your boys can also learn some culinary skills that they can utilize someday.

Encourage them to try out new and tasty dishes. If their food is not up to standard, encourage them to do more. If they made very tasty dishes remember to commend their good work. 

Boys and A Dog Homemaking Homeschooling Tips for Busy Folks

Pros and Cons Of Homeschooling Boys 


1 Learning is flexible

  1. You get to monitor your child’s school activities 
  2. Your boys can learn whatever you want 
  3. Your boys will learn at their own pace
  4. Homeschooling is cost-effective 


1 Homeschooling is a process that will take a lot of time 

  1. It may be difficult 
  2. Many times you will experience a challenging situation
  3. You may need to hire an instructor 

Boys and A Dog Homemaking Homeschooling Tips for Busy Folks 

In-Home Pet Service 

In-home pet services provide help service for pet parents by taking care of their pets when they need a break or are busy. 

Are you a professional that is always busy with work or are you a bit stressed out, whatever the case in-home pet service exists to help you take care of your pet when you are not able to do it.

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However, they are several in-home pet services today, so here are some helpful tips that will help you in choosing the right in-home pet service. 

1 Ask family members, friends, and associates for the in-home per service they use. Then check if the services they render fit the qualities you are looking for.  Also, check the recommended in-home pet services online reviews. 

  1. Check out the policies of the company you want to hire. You should check out their policies and procedures, which types of pets they care for, the kind of materials they use to render their services, and how often they are available to attend to your pet. 
  2. Compare the prices of the different companies and choose one that is affordable but not too cheap. Sometimes a low-cost in-home pet service may not take care of your pet the way you want. 
  3. Remember to inform the company’s representative about all your needs, so they can offer you the service that perfectly suits your pet. 
  4. You can also go online to search for a good in-home pet care service. They are several websites with excellent reviews that offer their services to pet owners. Some of these websites are;

FAQs About Boys and a Dog Homemaking Homeschooling

What curriculum do I use?

It is important to know that every child has his/her way of learning. To successfully homeschool a child you must find a curriculum that suits his/her way of learning. 

When Do I Begin Homeschooling My Boys? 

We can’t name a specific time for the start of homeschooling because all boys at not the same. However, we can give you a guide that will help you know when your boys are ready for homeschooling. 

You can start homeschooling your boys when;

1 They are old enough to know what’s happening around them. 

  1. They are prepared to learn independently 
  2. Old enough to handle the responsibilities that come with homeschooling 
  3. Good in at least one course. 

What do I do if I can’t teach my kids certain topics or course

There are several ways you can jump this hurdle. Firstly as humans, we can always learn new things. You can get yourself well informed about these courses or topics by registering for them on some online learning platforms. You can also hire a professional to do the teaching in your place.

How Do I Keep My Boys From Getting Bored 

A boy and a dog can only be bored when they are not actively engaged. So keeping your kids engaged throughout the day will definitely keep boredom at bay.


Homeschooling a boy and a dog can be the most exciting and beautiful experience if you know the rules. Always remember to say nice words whenever your boy and dog are doing well. we hope our list of boys and a dog homemaking homeschooling tips for busy folks will be of help to you. Cheers! 

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