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Can Cats Eat Bacon? Everything You Need To Know

Can Cats Eat Bacon

Every cat loves a good piece of treat served to them now and then. While most cats will love to eat treats daily, it is not all treats that will be suitable for your cat’s consumption and one of these treats is bacon. We usually get queries from people asking “Can Cats Eat Bacon”.

In this article, we are going to be answering your question about Cats eating bacon.

Can Cats Eat Bacon

Yes! Cats are naturally carnivorous animals and love foods with protein content so bacon is just another wonderful dish for your cat. However, bacon is made from processed meat, so it contains some nutrients like sodium and fats that can make your feline very ill if they are fed too much.

So the solution to cats eating bacon is “don’t feed them regularly”. A bit of bacon occasionally will do your cat no harm and will also serve as a treat. Bacon can also be used to hide pills occasionally. It can also be used to reward your cat after it impresses you. Bacon is especially not good for indoor cats because of its high-fat content. Indoor cats lack movement so there is no way of burning up the fat.

Here is what Dr. Ivana Crnec, DVM had to say about the question Can Cats Eat Bacon, “The classical depiction of a cat eating bacon is engraved deeply in our minds. A plethora of cartoons and commercials have reinforced the presence of that image. However, the concept that cats should eat bacon or any other processed meat is a myth.

It is essential to understand that human foods should not be given to cats. Some foods are not only inappropriate but also dangerous. The “do not feed” list of cats includes much human food such as dairy, table scraps, chocolate, certain fruits, and certain vegetables, and processed meats like bacon rank highly on that list.

All in all, if your cat eats a slice of bacon, accidentally, do not worry. On the other flip side, if you are thinking about using bacon as a treat, look further, there are far healthier alternatives”.

Can Kittens Eat Bacon

No. you shouldn’t feed young cats bacon. This is because it can have adverse effects on their young developing digestive system which could result in stomach upset or diarrhea.

Can Pregnant Cats Eat Bacon

No. because of the kitten, she is carrying, you shouldn’t feed pregnant cat bacon. To ensure she gives birth to a very healthy kitten; you should avoid feeding her low-quality dishes and foods high in sodium, salt, and fat. You should stick to high-quality food with lots of fresh water.

Can Cats Eat Raw Bacon

No. we will not recommend that you feed your cat raw bacon. Although raw bacon has lower grease content than cooked bacon, they are notorious for containing a large number of bacteria and parasites that can harm your feline’s system.

Raw bacon also has proved to be more challenging to chew than cooked bacon. So it can lead to serious health problems if it is not chewed properly.

What Is Bacon

Bacon is produced using the sides of a pig after the ribs have been extracted and it has been cured. The pork is then smoked. Bacon has different varieties. For example, Canadian bacon has a separate way of preparation as well as bacon produced in South America and Ireland.

Bacon became very popular in the 19th century thanks to its ability to stay fresh and unspoiled for a relatively long period.

In the US bacon is sold in five standard ways; thickly sliced, slab, thin-sliced, ends and pieces, and regular sliced.

Types Of Bacon

There are a good number of varieties of bacon that cats can eat. However, all of them are not to be fed regularly.

1 Turkey Bacon: turkey bacon is a variety of bacon that is prepared from processed turkey. Although turkey is an excellent meat for cats, processed turkey bacon lacks nutritional value as it is garnished with several additives and flavoring.

  1. Bacon Grease: bacon grease is not in any way healthy for your feline. They contain high fat & sodium content that has proved to be harmful to your feline’s health. Even though most cat lovers may spread bacon grease on the top of their cat dish, we will recommend that you avoid anything associated with bacon grease for your cat’s interest.

Can Cat Eat Cooked, Smoked, Fried Bacon

Cooked, Smoked and Fried Bacon are okay for your cat’s consumption only if it is fed to them on rare occasions and in small bits.

Can Cat Eat Raw Bacon

Yes, should never feed your feline friend raw bacon or any kind of raw meat. Raw meats tend to contain a large number of bacteria, diseases, and parasites that serves to remove most of the bacteria and parasites.

Can Cats Eat Bacon Bits

Bacon Bits are usually used as salad toppings. They are not good for your dog’s system as they contain high fat and sodium content.

Nutritional Values That Bacon Contain

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Bacon has its share of nutrients. Even though it may not be great for cats. For example, 100g of bacon will contain:

1 42g of fat

  1. 1717mg Sodium
  2. 110mg of Cholesterol
  3. 541 Calories
  4. 37g Protein
  5. Vitamin B6
  6. Vitamin D
  7. Magnesium

Why Is Bacon Bad For Cats

There are several reasons that make regular consumption of bacon bad for cats. Here are a few of these reasons.

1 Pancreatitis: pancreatitis occurs when the pancreas (the pancreas is an organ present in the cat’s body that aids digestion) becomes inflamed. This is caused by the intake of high-fat foods regularly. Pancreatitis can occur as a result of taking too much bacon. Common symptoms of pancreatitis include Lethargy, Nausea, Dehydration, Vomiting, Loss of Appetite, Diarrhea, Increased Urination, Low Body temperature, and Loss of Weight.

  1. Salt Poisoning: bacon contains high salt content which can lead to salt poisoning if it is eaten regularly or in large quantities. Bacon is said to contain about 10 times more salt than is required for your feline’s day-to-day needs.

Slat poisoning can be very fatal and can even lead to death or seizure at times. Common symptoms of salt poisoning in felines include an increase in urination and taste, diarrhea, intoxicated behavior, and lethargy. If you notice any symptoms that suggest your cat is suffering from salt poisoning contact your Vet as soon as possible.

  1. Dehydration: dehydration occurs when your cat’s body system lacks water. Because of the salty nature of bacon, cats tend to be very thirsty after eating it. This will lead to dehydration if there is no new intake of fresh water. A scenario where your cat has already gulped down all the water you left for it and is still thirsty will not be pleasant.
  1. High Blood Pressure: High blood pressure also known as hypertension can occur in cats with obesity. Regular consumption of bacon can lead to obesity. This may then lead to high blood temperature. Hypertension is characterized by symptoms like blindness. So you might want to contact the Vet ASAP if you notice your feline friend walking unsteadily and bumping into visible objects.
  2. Obesity: if your feline companion is an indoor cat and does not get the chance to move about like outdoor cats. This makes it more prone to obesity than outdoor cats and bacon contains high-calorie content that causes obesity in cats.

Can Cats Eat Bacon

Obesity can lead to several problems and health conditions. It could lead to diabetes, a shorter life span, a decrease in the quality of your cat’s life, and high blood pressure.

  1. Lack of Nutrients: bacon goes through several processes before it is produced. This process strips the bacon of most of its nutritional value and leaves it with very low or no nutrients. Bacon also contains a fair number of preservatives and fats that will harm your cat instead of strengthening it.
  2. Difficulty in Digestion: because of the high-fat content present in bacon, your cat may experience digestive issues like digestive stress. Digestive stress can lead to retching, diarrhea, indigestion, and soft stools.


Can Cat Eat Bacon? Yes but on rare occasions. In this guide, we have listed everything you need to know about cats eating bacon. Remember that most human foods may not be suitable for your cat’s consumption so don’t just feed it those dishes because you eat them.

We hope this article is of help to you. Cheers!

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