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Can Dogs Eat Rice Cakes? Is It Dangerous Or Not

Cute Dog and Rice Cake

As much as dogs love treats, not all treats are good for their health and well-being. You would not want anything to happen to your favorite family member with four legs; so you will always be concerned, usually, this concern leads to questions. Here at Favourg, we are dedicated to answering these questions. One of the questions that are frequently asked by most dog owners is “can dogs eat rice cakes”.

In this article, we will be answering this question and other related questions.

Can Dogs Eat Rice Cakes?

Yeah, dogs can eat rice cakes without any problems. However, the problem is the ingredients used in preparing rice cakes. So if you want to feed your dog rice cakes, you must get a brand whose ingredients have low sodium quantity. Also, make sure the rice cake you are serving to your dog does not contain excess salt

Can Dogs Eat Rice Cakes

Are Rice Cakes Good For Dogs?

Yeah, dogs can eat rice cakes but is it safe for them to eat them?

Well, rice cakes are not entirely a healthwise delicacy for your dog. Rice cakes do not contain enough nutritional value to be a standalone dish i.e you can only serve rice cakes as treats.

Even as treats, rice cakes shouldn’t be served regularly as they may cause some problems. For example, Rice is the major ingredient in rice cakes, and rice contains carbohydrates that could increase your dog’s sugar level drastically and result in a host of health conditions like diabetes and significant weight loss. Also, rice cakes feature puffed white rice that loses almost all its nutritional value after It has been processed. 

So rice cakes can be served occasionally as long as your dog’s meals are coming from a well-balanced diet. 

Are Homemade Rice Cakes Better?

Well when it comes to dog food, we have discovered from experiences that homemade dog foods are usually more nutritious than the ones you get from a commercial brand. 

Homemade Rice Cakes are better because you get to decide on the ingredients you use. Of course, before deciding, you should have done your research on each ingredient so that you don’t end up cooking an unhealthy dish for your dog. Also, most homemade rice cakes lack the things that make rice cakes unhealthy. Things like flavors, salt, and sugars.

Something that you can also add to your dog’s treat that will make it even better is peanut butter. It will add more taste to your dish.

Why Are Rice Cakes Bad For Dogs?

Rice cakes are not entirely bad for dogs, only regular consumption can have bad effects on your dog’s health. Constant feeding your four-legged family member rice cakes is not good for some reasons;

1 Toxic And Unhealthy Ingredients: most commercial dog food brands feature toxic and unhealthy ingredients that can harm your dog’s health. Ingredients that contain excess sugar, high-quality sodium, too sweet nutrients, and even chocolate. 

  1. Not Enough Nutritional Value: most commercial rice sales contain little or no nutritional value due to the process they underwent before they were produced. For example, rice cakes are usually produced using refined white rice which has undergone some process that has stripped it of its bran, germ, and husk.

For the loss of these nutrients, most commercial brands will add additives and flavors to make up for the lost value. This however doesn’t give the rice cake back its nutrients instead it makes it even more dangerous.

  1. High Glycemic Index: Rice cake contains a high Glycemic Index that can cause a drastic increase in your dog’s sugar level. In fact, it is not advisable to serve this treat to your dogs that have blood glucose imbalance and insulin resistance. It could introduce a lot of serious problems. 


Can Dogs Eat Raw Rice Cakes? 

Rice cakes are best served baked. Feeding your dog raw rice cakes could introduce a lot of problems. For example, raw rice when taken into your dog’s system may cause indigestion and result in diarrhea. It could also cause your dog’s stomach acid to increase rapidly and result in a bloated abdomen.

Having said this, you should know how important it is to feed your dog only processed rice cakes. Most commercial rice cakes are baked, but it is not out of place if you cook your homemade rice cakes. Your dog would also relish it more. Don’t forget to spread the butter around it, preferably peanut butter. 

Are Original Rice Better Than Rice Cakes 

Yes, cooked white rice is a safe food that is also full of nutrients. Cooked rice also serves as a remedy for several health conditions like stomach upset. 

Rice Cakes Ingredients That Are Unhealthy

1 Sugar: sugar is present in most rice cakes sold in stores. Sugar can lead to several health problems and should be duly avoided.

  1. Additives: most rice cakes contain additives that are considered ” toxic” to your dog’s health. Most flavoring contains ingredients like onion, chocolate, xylitol, and garlic that are not good for your dog’s consumption.
  2. Salt: most rice cakes feature high sodium quality ingredients that can cause problems for your dog’s stomach.
  3. Gluten: some rice cakes are produced with glutinous rice like mochi. This will be a major problem if your dog is suffering from gluten allergies. If your dog has a gluten allergy don’t give them rice cakes at all.

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What To Do Before And When You Serve Your Dog Rice Cakes

We have put up some guidelines on how to serve your dog rice cakes. We also have some guides on what to do before you proceed to feed your dog rice cakes. 

1 Contact Your Vet: Whenever you want to try out a new diet or change your dog’s diet, your first point of call should always be the Vet’s place.

You should be sure your dog does not have an underlying health condition that would bring about complications if she wolfs down that meal. Your Vet advice should give you guidelines on what to do.

  1. Ensure You Pick A Good Rice Cake Brand: to keep your dog healthy you have to ensure it does not just eat anything. You should ensure you have checked out the brand that does not include harmful substances like Xylitol and artificial flavoring in its ingredients.

Better still, you can make a homemade rice cake and have fun and satisfaction as your dog will also enjoy it. 

  1. Do Not Feed Your Dog A Whole Rice Cake: it would be absurd to feed your dog a whole rice cake. This will introduce problems in digestion. Break the rice cakes into pieces that you are sure are okay for your dog’s size before you feed her.
  2. Keep An Eye On Your Dog: monitor your dog closely after feeding it so you can notice any side effects if there are any. If after eating rice cakes your dog shows uneasiness, signs of stomach upset, scratching, etc, this may suggest that your dog is allergic to rice cakes.

Immediately you notice this, contact your Vet ASAP. 

Are Rice Krispies Good For Dogs?

Rice Krispies are rice treats made with some other ingredients. While rice is a major ingredient in rice Krispies, it also contains some ingredients that are considered unhealthy for your dogs. Here is a breakdown of what we call rice Krispies.

1 Rice

  1. Sugar
  2. Vegetable oil 
  3. Salt  
  4. Fructose
  5. Burley malt flavoring
  6. Corn syrup 
  7. Vitamins & Minerals

Rice is the main constituent in this treat with 71℅ of the total content. Sugar follows and then salt.

Rice is healthy for dogs but sugar, fructose, and so on are not considered healthy foods.

Rice Krispies are not meant to be served as main dishes. They can be served only occasionally as treats.

Cute Dog and Rice Cake

Are Rice Puddings Good For Dogs? 

Rice Pudding is a Yummy treat that your dog can not reject. But even though your dog won’t reject this, it does not contain enough nutrients for it to be listed as a main dish in your dog’s diet. So we will recommend you give your dog rice puddings occasionally as some of these ingredients are unhealthy for your dog. 

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The best way to get rice pudding for your dog is by getting the ingredients(the necessary ingredients) from a local shop and preparing a homemade rice pudding treat.

Rice Puddings do not necessarily need artificial flavoring and additives. Here is a breakdown of the ingredients you will need to prepare a health-wise rice pudding. 

1 Rice: rice is the major ingredient of the meal. Rice contains copper and magnesium which is essential for the red blood cell and also aids the reduction of inflammation. 

Rice can also be used to aid your dog’s stomach upset.

  1. Butter: Butter is an important ingredient too. But butter should not be in excess in your dog’s rice pudding as they contain 81% fat. Fats are one of the causes of obesity in dogs. 
  2. Eggs: Eggs contain protein that gives the body amino acid. Amino acids are essential for the health of your dog. Eggs also contain 10℅ fat.
  3. Sugar: you might want to be wary of the sugar content that is in your rice pudding. Excess sugar leads to several health conditions that involve diabetes.
  4. Milk: milk contains Vitamin B2 & B12, calcium, and phosphorus. All these nutrients give your dog great nutritional value. However, lactose intolerant dogs are not allowed to eat things that contain milk. 


Can my dogs eat rice cakes? Well, I believe we have answered this question perfectly. However, if you still have something you don’t understand, you can drop a comment. We hope this article is of help to you. Cheers! 


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