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Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bacon? Everything You Need To Know

A dog looking at a turkey bacon

Dogs naturally love treats and bacon is one of these treats to them. While dogs love the taste of bacon, not all bacon is good for their health and well-being. People tend to be afraid of the health implications that can follow eating unhealthy bacon. This has resulted in the general question “can dogs eat turkey bacon?” Well, this question needs to be answered strategically. 

So join our train as we answer your questions, and also give some helpful tips about serving your dog turkey bacon, alongside the problems of eating too much bacon. 

Turkey bacon is a treat that is greatly loved by all dogs. You should not be surprised if your dog snatches it from your lap. Most bacon is also not good for your dog’s health because of some nutrients that they have in excessive-quality and quantity. However, turkey bacon does not contain some of these nutrients but contains others.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bacon

As earlier stated turkey bacon does not contain most “unwanted nutrients’ ‘ other bacon (like pork) contain. So it is one of the most health-friendly bacon you can see today. However, even with its health-friendly nutrients, it is not advisable to feed it your dogs too much. It could lead to several health conditions and problems.

The reason turkey bacon is accepted as healthwise is because of its low content of fat and sodium, unlike other bacon. 

A dog looking at a turkey bacon

When serving turkey bacon you should know that it is not supposed to be a regular meal and should be served as a treat once in a while. Also, ensure you use the 10% rule for your servings. 

Turkey Bacon vs Pork Bacon 

Although a little bit different, both pork bacon and turkey bacon are still bacon. They are prepared and seasoned the same way. So turkey bacon still contains fats and sodium as pork bacon only in a slightly smaller quantity. Now we are going to give a small comparison of both kinds of bacon. 

  1. Generally, when it comes to nutritional value, pork bacon has more than turkey bacon especially when it comes to vitamins and minerals.
  2. In terms of calories, pork bacon contains more than turkey bacon. Pork bacon contains 268 calories per 2ounce serving while the turkey bacon comes with 218. That is a whole 50 extra calories than turkey bacon.
  3. Now talking about sodium, we have seen a couple of turkey bacon brands that contain more sodium than any other bacon.
  4. Pork bacon also has more fats than turkey bacon. Pork bacon contains about 22grams of fat white turkey contains 18grams.

Is Turkey Bacon Health For Dogs

It depends! Feeding your dog excess turkey bacon could lead to several health problems that could make your dog really sick. 

However, feeding it small pieces (maybe half slice) of turkey bacon may not do it any harm as long as you don’t give it frequently. The main problem is knowing the correct quantity you should feed your turkey. 

This may seem easy to you, you may be thinking you can just probably guess it right from your knowledge of dogs. But this is not as easy as it seems. Different dogs will have different specifications about the right quantity. For example, you can’t feed a Yorkshire terrier the same quantity of bacon you can feed a Labrador Retriever. If you do this you are endangering your dog’s life and may soon have to pay your Vet an emergency visit.

Sometimes your dog may eat up a whole package of bacon without you knowing. In this case, you have to be vigilant and call your Vet immediately if you notice a slight change in your dog.

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Below are some health conditions that excessive or regular bacon in your dog’s diet can introduce; 

  1. Aggravate Pre-existing health conditions:

The fat and sodium that is present in turkey bacon can aggravate any pre-existing health condition your dog has. Conditions like diabetes will only get worse with the intake of fat and sodium.

  1. Obesity:

Obesity is one of the biggest problems dogs face. Obesity comes with a lot of problems. The high-fat content in turkey bacon can be responsible for obesity. This is a very common health condition in dogs, in fact over half of UK and US dogs have been reported to be obese! 

Obesity generally reduces the quality of your pet’s life and comes with health conditions like arthritis, heart disease, difficulty in breathing, and diabetes. 

  1. Bloating:

Bloating is a health condition that has to do with your dog’s stomach. Regular consumption of turkey bacon would result in bloating which will, in turn, result in deadly health conditions if it is not treated properly. 

The presence of fat, sugar, and sodium is the main cause of bloating.

  1. Pancreatitis:

Pancreatitis in dogs is the inflammation of the intestine. The major cause of pancreatitis is eating food that has high-fat content.

Turkey bacon is an example of a food with fatty content. Pancreatitis is something you should be wary about as it is a life-threatening health condition. Some of its symptoms include loss of appetite, diarrhea, abdominal pain, dehydration, vomiting, and weakness of the body. Pancreatitis can also result in behavioral problems. 

While Pancreatitis is a general problem for dogs, some breeds of dogs are more prone to it than others. If your dog is prone to Pancreatitis, I will suggest you avoid feeding it any bacon. Consult your vet to know if your dog is Pancreatitis prone. 

Why Is Turkey Bacon Bad For Dogs?

  1. Turkey Bacon Grease: one content nutrient turkey bacon contains that is not really good for your dog’s health is grease. Every bacon contains grease and turkey bacon is guilty too. Grease is described as being “toxic” to your dog’s health.

However, it is possible to get rid of this “toxic” stuff. You can easily get rid of it by straining the oil or wiping it off with the aid of a napkin.

  1. Fat: even though turkey bacon doesn’t contain fats like pork bacon, it still contains a significant amount of fat. And too much fat could lead to several serious health conditions ranging from obesity, abdominal pain, pancreatitis, and even stomach upset.
  2. Additives: most commercial dog food stores sell foods that contain really harmful nutrients. Most flavoring and additives can be harmful to your dog’s health and even lead to a life-threatening situation. 

Additives like added salt, artificial flavors, smoke flavors, and added sugar. Preservatives like nitrates and nitrites.

To avoid this problem you should know how and why some nutrients are in your dog’s bacon. For example, a minute of looking over the nutritional facts displayed on the bacon’s packaging will be helpful.

  1. Salt: turkey bacon is known for its high quantity of salt. While this may not be harmful to humans it is not ‘health friendly’ for dogs. Excess salt in a dog’s diet can lead to some health conditions like dehydration, indigestion, and even bloating.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Turkey Bacon?

Raw turkey bacon is usually richer in fat than its cooked counterpart. This is because in the process of cooking some of the fat content of the turkey is released. So technically it is not advisable to serve your dog raw turkey bacon. However, if the dog wolf’s down a plate of raw turkey bacon without your knowledge, keep it under watch and contact your Vet if you notice any significant change. 

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Salmonella can also be contacted when your dog eats raw bacon. Salmonella is also transmissible to humans and other dogs.

How Can I Feed My Dog Turkey Bacon?

There are several ways you can give your dog treats that contain turkey bacon. We will be highlighting some of these ways;

1 Stuff The Bacon Inside Toys: yeah that will be pretty fun. Toys like kongs can take a small piece of turkey bacon if it is properly wrapped. After stuffing, you can sit back and enjoy the show lol!

  1. Lettuce Wraps: wrap small pieces of bacon inside lettuce and roll them up. It will take the look of a yummy snack. This method has significant nutritional values. The lettuce contains vitamins that meet your dog’s needs and also contains a high quantity of water that will be handy in reducing the effect of sodium and fat. 
  2. Blend Turkey Bacon With Its Meal: you can also blend up the turkey bacon with your dog’s meal along with water and a carrot. This method is really helpful if your dog is sick or has a bad tooth.
  3. Garnish Their Food With Turkey Bacon: you can just crumble a small piece of turkey bacon on your dog’s food to give it a protection content boost.

Can I Feed My Dog Regular Turkey More Often Than Turkey Bacon?

Yes and Yes! Unlike turkey bacon, turkey is the real deal. In fact, because of its nutritional value, it is one of the ingredients of most commercial dog food on the market. 

Ensure you remove all the bones in the turkey before feeding the dog and DO NOT feed your dog raw turkey to avoid diseases like salmonella.


Well, turkey bacon is not really a saint but it is the best bacon to feed your dog. Just follow the procedure; do not overfeed your dog turkey bacon. 

Have we answered your big question; Can dogs eat turkey bacon? Drop your comments. Cheers! 

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