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English Budge vs Australian Budgie – The Full Comparison

Budgies are very wonderful and loyal pets. In the bird’s world, the budgie is one of the most loved breeds. The budgie is also a very popular breed, it got its popularity because of its playfulness, beauty, smartness, and attractiveness. A major discussion among budgie lovers is the English vs Australian budgie debate.

In today’s guide, I will be making the comparison of English vs Australian budgie.

Before we dive into this comparison, I would like to explain and give you a mental picture of the origin and history of the budgie.

Origin Of The Budgie

The Budgie (Melopsittacus undulatus) originated from Australia. Budgies were naturally wide birds with different varieties. The Budgie breed increased and attracted the attention of many visitors and settlers because of its alluring nature. The original wild budgie was eventually turned into a household pet and shipped to different parts of the world where it was bred with other breeds.

The mating of the original wild budgie with other bird breeds brought about the creation of different varieties of which the English budgie is one. So the English Budgie came into existence when the Australian wild budgie was shipped into England.

Since I have given you a brief write-up about the origin, I would also give you a brief write-up about the history of the budgies. 

History Of The Budgie

The home of budgies is Australia, however today these birds have spread all over the world. 

Budgies were first shipped to England, America, and Japan in the 19th century. As of that time, the budgies’ price tag was extremely high and only the wealthy were able to have it in their homes. However, with the introduction of budgies mating with other breeds of birds, budgies increased in large numbers and became available at an affordable price.

The English budgies were created by English breeders. This variety was not officially recognized until 1971. 

I hope I have been able to give you some information about the origin and history of budgies. Now, let’s move into the purpose of the article, the English vs Australian Budgie comparison. Let’s get started!

English vs Australian Budgie – Their Personality

In this part, we will be looking at the personality of the English vs Australian Budgie.

The English Budgie:

 The English budgie,  known as show budgie,  is a native of Australia but has been bred in England for decades to give it the unique features it has now. 

English budgie is larger than the Australian budgie. It is about 10-12 inches tall. 

The English Budgie is a very quiet and peaceful bird. It is usually comfortable with humans and does not bite.

They are very friendly birds and would regularly hop into their owners’ hands without being invited. The English Budgie is a family bird and has been trained to chirp without making a lot of noise.

However, the English Budgie needs to be finger trained. It needs to be trained on how to hop into your finger. Finger training would help reduce the stress of chasing it around the cage when it’s time for their bath or play. 

The English Budgies are also fast at learning, and they can learn a lot of vocabulary in a very short time. However, the English Budgie vocabulary skill is usually underrated due to its low voice. 

The English Budgie had a variety of colors, they also have larger heads with some having hairs around their chin. 

This breed weighs about 1.6 – 2.2oz and can live for about 7-9 years. 

It’s advisable that you start to train your English Budgie as soon as it is 4months old.

Australian Budgie:

The Australian Budgie is not as large as the English Budgie. It’s about 7-9 inches tall.

The Australian Budgie is noisier than the English Budgie, it could get really noisy when it wants to express itself. 

Unlike the English Budgie, the Australian is renowned for finger biting even without provoking it. 

Most pet owners find it hard to keep the Australian Budgie because of how aggressive it can be. 

However, the Australian Budgie can also be trained to behave like its English counterpart. 

Due to its nature, the Australian Budgies are harder to train than the English Budgies. Therefore finger training will require more time, energy, and persistence. 

For a better experience, you should start to train your Australian Budgie in about 10 weeks. Starting its training early will help you bring up a well cultured and well mannered Budgie. 

This breed weighs about 1.1 – 1.6oz and they can leave for about 8-10 years. Despite its noisy nature and behavior, the Australian Budgie is a lovely pet. It would make a great companion as it’s also very quick at learning words. 

Australian Budgies are usually green or yellow with a small and sleek head. 

I have just given you a detailed explanation of the English and Australian Budgie. Now I will be showing you the differences and similarities between the two breeds of Budgies.

English vs Australian Budgie – Comparison

Size: The Australian Budgie is smaller than the English Budgie. The Australian Budgie is about 7-9 inches tall while its English counterpart is about 10-12 inches tall. 

Weight: The English Budgie also weighs more than the Australian Budgie. The English Budgie weighs about 1.6 to 2.2oz while the Australian Budgie weighs about 1.1 to 1.4oz. 

Color: The English Budgie can have a variety of colors, while the Australian Budgie has only 2 colors which are yellow and green.

Training: The Australian Budgie is more challenging to train than the English Budgie. The Australian Budgie requires more time and energy for its training.

Care: The English and Australian Budgie have no difference in their care system as they are both from the same ancestry. The only difference is that the English Budgie would require a large cage because of its size.

Behavior: English Budgies are quieter and calmer than the Australian Budgie. The English Budgie also chirps more quietly than the Australian Budgie. 

Vocabulary: Both birds can amass a large number of vocabularies in a short time. However, the English Budgie’s vocabulary strength is unusually underestimated because of its small voice. 

Life Span: the Australian Budgie lives longer than the English Budgie. English Budgie’s shorter life span is because it has been bred with different breeds for generations. The Australian Budgie lives for about 8 to 10 years, while the English Budgie lives for about 7-9 years.

Well guys I believe I have been able to satisfy your curiosity about the differences and similarities between these two wonderful birds. 

In this next part, I will be answering some common questions pet lovers ask about these unique birds. Let’s go!

 Can English and Australian Budgies live together?

Yes and Yes. The English Budgie and Australian Budgie can live together. Although there would be a little disagreement at the beginning, they will later accept each other and live peacefully.

However, it is not advisable to put a female and male of the two different breeds together unless you are ready to take care of eggs. A female and female partnership is also a big No! as there would be a series of clashes between them. 

Can English Budgies mate with Australian Budgies?

Of course Yes they can. Despite their differences, these birds are of the same ancestry and can be bred together.


Budgies are a Joy to watch and train. These birds are popular because they are loveable, quick-witted, and cute. They also make great companions, and above all, they are affordable to buy and train. 

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