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Great Dane Pitbull Mix – Full Breed Guide

great dane pitbull

One of the popular hybrids of dogs in the world is the Great Dane and Pitbull Mix. Due to variations in the taste of dog lovers, numerous hybrids have been created. The character, appearance and features of the new hybrids are what make them desirable to their fanciers. The great Dane Pitbull Mix is a peculiar canine gem with diverse appealing and desirable characteristics and appearance.

Here is a comprehensive detail of everything you need to know about this breed of dog.

Great Dane Pitbull Mix

The great Dane pitbull mix was created by mating two unique dogs – the great dane and the American pitbull terrier. Since it won’t be possible to talk about this breed without several references to their ancestry, let’s talk briefly about both parents.

great dane pitbull mix

Great Dane

The great dane breed is one of the oldest breeds of dogs. They have existed for several centuries but were first noticed in ancient China in 1100bc. However, the great dane dogs that existed at that time were a bit different from the present great dane we know.

The spread of the great dane came as a result of Assyrian traders taking them to other countries and selling them off. The present great dane of today was created by the Germans in the 17th century.

This breed of dogs was shipped to America in the 1800s. however, it only became registered as an official breed by the AKC in 1887. The great dane is a great pet dog too.

great dane pitbull

American Pitbull

The pitbull is one of the first breeds of dogs on earth. This breed is also one of the largest and most popular breeds presently. The pitbiull dog was created by English men for Bull Baiting and Dog Fighting. It was already recognised by the England populace as far back as the 1800s. it is well known for its strength. After years of bloody dog fights and bull baiting, both sports were banned by the government. This dog was then used as work dogs on animal farms. Their main work was to guide and watch flocks of sheep and cattle.

Later these dogs were shipped to America by people who were migrating. Pitbulls were recognised formally by the AKC in 1972. For centuries these dogs have proved to be wonderful pets.



Coat: The coat of a great dane pitbull mix can spot just one solid or a mix of different colours. Whatever way her coat comes it retains its eye-catchy appearance.

This breed of dog spot a short coat that is very smooth to touch and unfailingly straight. They shed but not often. Here are some colours that the great dane pitbull coat may feature; Blue hue, sable, white, merle, brown, brindle, black and spotted or fawn.

Head: the head of this peculiar breed is very similar to that of the pitbull. They have large-sized heads and the trademark small eyes of the pitbull. They feature a somewhat square-like short ear and average droopy eyes.

Size: the great dane bull is a big dog. It weighs about 60 – 100 pounds and stands at about 24 – 30 inches tall. However, the males of this breed are usually larger than the females.

This dog also features a long tail that bends upwards a bit.

All these unique features combine together to give this breed of dog a magnificent look.


Affectionate: both parents – the American pitbull terriers and the Great Dane are affectionate breeds and this hybrid is no different. They can really be attached to their owners and will do anything to receive a good pat from you.

Attention Seekers: the great dane pitbull breed demands undivided attention from its owners. They will love to be played with. Also this breed of dog does not appreciate separation from its owners. In fact, if they are left alone for a long time, they may go berserk and exhibit destructive behaviour.

Even Tempered: unlike other big dogs the great dane bull does not have aggressive behaviour. They are well-behaved with an even temper and will make very great family dogs.

Great with Children: these big dogs are also great for bonding with children. They are not unnecessarily reactive and aggressive. So if you have kids at home this breed of dog is still an ideal option. However, you might want to watch out for your kids whenever they are playing because the great dane bull is not a fan of kids pulling its hair and coat. If this happens it may react in an uncontrolled way. Also if you have very young children you should also be cautious because of the size of this dog.

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Active: whether it is running, walking or playing the great dane bull is fully fit for it. This breed of dog is very active and will appreciate the time spent outdoor greatly. This trait makes them a very perfect companion too.

Intelligent: the great dane pitbull is a very intelligent dog. They can learn a number of simple commands pretty quick. They also have a very good memory and can remember a previous visitor instantly.

Clingy: these dogs are clingy and may even attempt to climb up to your lap forgetting their size. For this dog anytime spent with its owner is golden.

NB: it is important you know that the personality of the breed may vary puppy by puppy. However, one sure way of knowing a puppy’s personality is by studying its parent.


The great dane bull can live for up to 10 – 15 years as long as it is well taken care of, and fed well.

great dane pitbull mix puppy

Price of a Great Dane Pitbull Puppy

A great dane pitbull puppy can cost from about $800 to $1500. However, the price may vary depending on the location and the breeder. Because this breed is not a very popular breed, you may find it a bit challenging to get a puppy. However, apart from purchasing, there are some other ways you can get a puppy. Ways like:

  1. Rescues: you can search for rescue agencies around you and put up a proposal for a great dane bull. You can join the waitlist if there is no available puppy at the moment.

You can also look for posts on the internet looking for new homes for puppies. You might find a great dane bull there. You can also set up a post on dog forums about your intention of owning a great dane bull.

Care for Great Dane Pitbull

The Great Dane Pitbull is a big dog. So it requires large meals than that of the average dog. This breed of dogs will consume at least 4 cups of dog food daily. You should ensure that whatever you are feeding them has high-quality content and satisfies their nutritional needs. They are several brands of dog food with various prices, however, a budget of $80 – $90 should be able to buy dog food with high-quality ingredients.

You should also ensure that you serve your dog clean and fresh water alongside its meals. Big dogs consume a lot of energy and need a constant water supply to remain hydrated.


This breed of dog sheds therefore will need to be brushed twice a week. You may also want to watch out for hair in your cushion. However, this breed of canines does not shed heavily so their grooming needs are moderate.

You should give your dog a bath every two months. Regular baths can prevent oil production in the skin of your dog. However, you can bathe them whenever you feel they are dirty.

Naturally, the great dane bull will wear its nails down but in case it doesn’t be sure to get a nail cutter and clip its claws regularly.


The best way to train this dog is by using the positive reinforcement method. This breed of canines is very intelligent so they can learn a number of commands pretty fast. When teaching them commands, you must be patient, consistent and firm, if you want to earn the love and trust of this breed.

It is very important that these canines are trained when they are puppies. They should be taught how to socialize when they are young so they don’t grow up aggressive. However, it is not impossible to train a mature great dane bull, it just only requires more patience and hard work.

The great dane pitbull is a strong dog, so it should be taught how it can use its strength for only positive things. The training process of this canine should also be a bonding process.

great dane pitbull


The great dane pitbull will require at least one hour of exercise daily. It can accompany you on rides, walk, or a dog park.

This breed will require a lot of space for their movement because of their size. You should ensure you have a large fenced area for this purpose. A cramped household will not suit this breed.

This dog is also great when it is exercising with kids, so letting it play with your kids is not a bad idea, they can play games like fetch together.

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Great Dane Pitbull Health Problems

Like every other living thing, the Great Dane Bull also has its fair share of health problems. Here are some of the health conditions a great dane pitbull may suffer from;

This canine can suffer from various types of cancer, especially bone cancer. This condition can be carefully managed and treated at the early stage but it will require chemotherapy.

Hip Dysplasia: hip dysplasia is caused by the poor alignment of the pelvis hip socket and femur. It affects the hip joint of dogs severely. However, this condition can be carefully managed and treated.

Bloat: gastric dilatation volvulus popularly known as bloat is a severe health condition that can result in worse health conditions if it is not managed. It is caused by the increase of stomach gas and twisting, this causes the twisting of the blood vessel that supplies blood to the stomach.


The Great Dane Pitbull Mix is a wonderful dog to have. It has all the characters you will want in a pet dog. Although this breed is rare, it is still worth a try.

We hope this article is super helpful. Drop your queries in the comment, our professionals will be glad to be of help. Cheers!

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