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Great Pyrenees Great Dane Mix – Full Breed Guide

Great Pyrenees Great Dane Mix

The Great Pyrenees Great Dane Mix is one of a kind. It is a large pet dog that has been groomed for years into having a very unique and impeccable appearance and personality. This peculiar breed of dogs was created by mating the great dane and the great Pyrenees. 

In this guide, we will be giving you all the necessary info about this hybrid. 

The Great Pyrenees Great Dane Mix

The Great Pyrenees Great Dane Mix is popularly known as the Great Pyredane. This designer dog comes from impressive ancestry. Its parents are the famous Great Dane and Great Pyrenees. Since it is impossible to talk about any pet without its history, let us take a brief journey into the history of this great dog, starting from its parents.

The Great Dane 

The Great Dane breed of dogs is one of the oldest breeds of existing dogs. Contrary to the belief of many pet enthusiasts and lovers, the Great Dane breed was not developed in Denmark. Although there have been reports of great Danes spotted in Denmark around the 1700s, it is important to note that they did not originate from Denmark.

They have been different speculations about the origin of the great dane by several breed historians and pet enthusiasts. However, in all of these stories about the great dane origin, something is common. In all the stories it is well stated that the great Dane breed has been in existence for many centuries.

In Egypt, there are stories of people seeing drawings of this breed as far back as 3000bc. In China, there are also popular stories of people seeing these dogs as early as 1100bc. In fact, we can curl from both stories that the great dane breed is an old breed. Some breed historians believe that this dog was created by mating English mastiffs and Irish wolfhounds. It is also believed that many years ago these dogs were used for hunting boars and were subsequently called ‘Boar Hounds’.

The present Great Dane of today was refined by the Germans in the 17th century and was subsequently named the National Dog of Germany by 1876. In Germany, they are popularly called ‘Deutsche Dogge’ which means ‘German dogs’.

This dog was later shipped to the United States in the 1800s. It attained AKC recognition in 1887 and by 1889 it could boast of an American Fanciers club.

The great Dane breed is a very wonderful breed. Despite its size, the Great Dane is a loyal companion. They are also easygoing and can easily bond with other pets. When it comes to protecting its owner the Great Dane leaves no prisoner.

Great Pyrenees Great Dane Mix

The Great Pyrenees

Like the Great Dane, the Great Pyrenees is a very old breed of dog that has been in existence for several centuries. Fossil remains of these dogs have been seen in recent times. These fossils are reported to have dated to times as early as the Bronze Age.

This breed of dogs has worked as shepherd dogs for several decades in the Pyrenees Mountain – An area that serves as the border between the Republic of France and Spain.

The Great Pyrenees Club of America claims that a place in the North of Carcassonne which is located in France, there is a Pyr sculpture that is believed to have been in existence since the 12th century. Also, famous French writers dating several centuries ago have talked earnestly of the impact of these dogs called “Great dogs of the mountain”. These breeds of dogs attained the status of ” The Royal Dog of France” in 1975 a factor that led to the popularity of these dogs all over the globe. 

Great Pyrenees Great Dane Mix

The spread of this breed brought about heavy demand for these puppies all over Europe and by the 19th century, Queen Victoria of England owned one of these dogs. To this day, the great Pyrenees dogs are still used as shepherded dogs in some parts of the world. However, these dogs also make great pets and are good companions. Notable features of the white great Pyrenees are its beauty, personality, and temperament which is loved by many. 

Characteristics of Great Pyrenees Great Dane Mix

Mixes of dogs usually inherit their characteristics from their parents. 


Head: the great Pyrenees features a somewhat rectangular head that sits on a medium-sized neck. Their heads are big which is a common feature among big dogs. 

Eyes & Ears: a great Pyrenees great Dane mix dog have average-sized brown eyes that spot an almond shape. However, they are other eye color possibilities aside from the usual brown. Their eyes can depict light colors like blue. 

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The ears of these dogs lean forward and hang around the cheekbone area. 

Nose: the great pyredane also boasts of a medium-sized cute black nose. 

Tail: most dogs from the great pyredane breed will have the great dane’s tail. A straight and long tail that is proportionate to their sturdy body. However, some of these dogs may also have the “Shepherd’s crook” traits that are very common in the Great Pyrenees breed.

Coat: a great pyrenees great dane dog would most likely have the great dane’s glossy, soft and short coat. However, it may also feature the great Pyrenees dense and short coat. 

The coat color of the great pyredane dogs will range from several colors like blue, white, fawn, black, and brindle. A great pyredane may also feature a coat with a combination of two of these colors.


The great Pyrenees great Dane mix dog is an even-tempered dog. Unlike most big dogs, the great pyredane is not aggressive. This dog will do well with kids so there is no cause for alarm if you have kids. However, you might want to watch your kids carefully when they are playing with them because of their size. 

Great Pyrenees Great Dane Mix

These dogs are affectionate, loyal, easy to train, intelligent, and controlled. The great pyredanes also do well when they are left alone. A trait they inherited from the great Pyrenees. 

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These dogs can also be overprotective of their owners. They will spare no prisoners when they believe their owners or children are in danger.



As big dogs, the Great pyredane will consume more food than average or small dogs. They can consume about 4 cups of dog food daily. Their food should be bought from a well-known commercial brand that uses high-quality ingredients for production.

Prices of dog food may vary according to the brand and location. However, a monthly budget of about $90 would be able to buy good food for your dog.

Big dogs burn a lot of energy daily. This means they easily get dehydrated. Clean fresh water should always be available for your dog to keep it hydrated. 


The great pyredane requires moderate grooming. You can bathe this dog once a month. However, this will depend on your environment; a muddy environment will require more frequent baths.

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Brushing should be done at least twice a week as these dogs do shed. The nails of these dogs will likely wear out but in case it doesn’t wear out on their own accord, you can get a claw trimmer for it. The ears of these dogs also need regular cleaning so as to prevent painful ear infections that are associated with this breed of dog. 


An hour daily should be marked out for exercise for this dog. It can also serve as your exercise time too. You can run, walk and jog with these dogs. Visits to dog parks are also nice options for exercise. However, growing dogs should not be subjected to hard exercise as they may develop joint problems. This dog will also appreciate a large fenced compound where it can run and play.

Health Problems

The great Pyrenees great Dane mix dog can suffer from several health conditions if it is not well taken care of. Some of the health problems this breed of dog is associated with are;

1 Bloat

  1. Heart Problems
  2. Deafness
  3. Hip Dysplasia
  4. Osteochondrodysplasia
  5. Hypothyroidism 


The great pyrenees great dane mix is a breed of big dogs. They can weigh from 80 to 120 Lbs, and they stand at about 70 – 80cm tall.


As long as the great pyredane dog is cared for, it will live a long healthy life. These dogs live for about 8 – 12 years.


The great pyredane is a wonderful dog. It is a pet that will easily fit into your home perfectly. The great pyrenees great dane mix is worth a try if you are looking for a great pet dog. We hope this article is of help to you. Cheers! 

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