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How Many Nipples Do Cats Have?

how many nipples do cats have

How many nipples do cats have? We often ask this question because we want to know how many nipples our favourite and most loved pet has. The high demand for knowledge of the amount of nipples cats possess has prompted us to write this article.

How Many Nipples Do Cats Have?

An average cat has about 6 – 8 nipples. The nipples in a cat are divided into two rows, and usually, the nipples are divided evenly between the two rows i.e. if a cat has 6 nipples, it would be 3 on one row and 3 on the other row. If it is 8 in total, it will be 4 on each row. However, some cats do not feature equal nipples in both rows. It is important to note that; if your cat does not have her nipples divided equally between the two rows, it does not mean your cat is suffering from a health condition. It is perfectly normal. You should take it as a unique feature of your cat.

how many nipples do cats have

What Are Nipples

One of the features that distinguish almost all mammals from other animals is their nipples which they use for breastfeeding their young ones. Cats are not left out of this trademark of nipples in mammals. The nipples of a cat come immediately after it is born just like most of its other organs. The cat nipples take the size of a medium size pimple or the size of a bug bite. However, a cat’s nipples may become swollen for some reason and take a bigger look and softer feel. It has also been observed that when a cat’s nipple becomes swollen they feel warmer.

how many nipples do cats have

Do Male Cats Have Nipples

Yes, male cats have nipples like their female counterpart. It is a general feature irrespective of their gender. This feature of the cat resembles that of humans, where males and females both have nipples.

Why Do Cats Have Nipples

Cats have nipples because they are mammals. For female cats, the nipples are essential in the feeding of their young ones for the period preceding their birth. So for young kittens to survive their mother needs to have nipples.

On the other hand, male cats’ nipples do not produce milk so it is impossible for them to feed young cats. The nipples of male cats are majorly inactive throughout their lives.

Where Are Cat’s Nipples Located

The nipples of a cat are located in two rows which are found on the underside of your cat’s body. The parallel row of nipples can be found in the abdomen under the fur of your cat. The nipples of your cat may be a little difficult to locate especially in cats with long hair, but with patience, you will be able to feel the pimple-like nipples of your cat.

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Can The Number of Nipples My Cat Have Change?

It is impossible for the number of nipples a cat possesses to decrease or increase. If you see a new nipple it means you did not discover all the nipples when you first searched for it.

My Cat Has Swollen Nipples, What Do I Do?

Yeah, your cat may spot swollen nipples due to some health condition or situation. Whenever you notice that your cat has a swollen nipple, you must keep your cool. Panicking will not solve the problem, it will do more harm rather. You just have to contact your Vet as soon as possible to explain the situation. Ensure that you give your Vet a detailed and well-explained description of the situation. You should also ask your Vet what to do next. It is also important that you avoid touching the swollen nipples as it touching it may cause pain to your cat. It may also cause a reaction to your reaction in your cat’s body

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Symptoms that are usually associated with swollen nipples include; appetite loss, abnormal behaviour e.g. aggressions, anorexia, discharge and swollen parts of the face.

What Can Lead to Swollen Nipples in Cat?

Pregnancy: one of the most popular causes of swollen nipples in cats and even in mammals generally is pregnancy. Pregnancy can cause an increase in the size of a cat’s nipple. Its nipples will begin to increase in size because it is getting ready for the feeding of the yet-to-be-born kitten. The cat’s nipple has also been reported to become pinker in colour as its size increases.

When the kitten is born the swollen nipple that is filled with milk will serve as nourishment for its first few days on earth.

Dermatitis: swollen nipples may be caused by inflammation of the skin that surrounds your cat’s nipples. The swollen skin will make your cat’s nipples appear to have increased in size.

Breast Cancer: swollen nipples may mean that your cat is suffering from breast cancer. You must contact your ASAP as breast cancer needs immediate examination and treatment.


Yes, cats do have Nipples. We hope this article was helpful. Cheers

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