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Lycan Shepherd – A Complete Breed Guide

Dogs are amazing pets and guards. It is an arguable fact that dogs are among the oldest domestic animals and very good friends of man. Throughout the years various breeds of dogs have been created, most dogs are bred with another breed to create a hybrid. Through this method breeders have produced some of the best dogs in the world which also includes the Lycan Shepherds.

The Lycan Shepherd is a new breed of dog on the rise. It parent’s are two of the most popular animals – A dog and a wolf. The Lycan Shepherd is very unique because half of its Gene comes from the wolf. 

In this article I will explain all you need to know about these very unique canines,their history, origin, characteristics and traits.

What Is A Lycan Shepherd

The Lycan Shepherd is the combination of a German Shepherd, the Belgian Malinois and the Blue Bay Shepherd. Lycan Shepherds are one of the leading hybrids in the world of dogs. 

Before I go further, let me explain the origin of the Lycan Shepherd.

Origin Of The Lycan Shepherd

Lycan Shepherd puppies were bred from three breeds. They are; 

  1. German Shepherd: the german shepherd originated from Germany. These dogs are renowned for their high work rate and are very useful as guard dogs. These dogs are mostly used for service in the police or military.

An active german shepherd  is not prone to injury. They are also calm and loyal dogs and they would make great pets.

These dogs are sometimes overprotective and aggressive. They only answer to their owners.

The german shepherds are also good exercise partners and will do anything to make their owners happy. 

  1. Blue Bay Shepherd: this breed of dog was created by mating wolf dogs and blue old german shepherd dogs from France. The most unique feature of the blue bay shepherd is its natural blue coat color, which is rare in german shepherds. 

The breeder who created this unique dog wanted a dog that has a wolf’s brain and appearance alongside the german shepherds’ fearlessness and vibrant attitude.

After the first blue bay shepherd puppies were born, the blue bay puppies were bred with other dog breeds for five generations to remove their pure wolf gene. The blue bay shepherd is a very lovely dog with a dark blue coat which can be spotted easily. 


  1. Belgian Malinois: this breed of dog is very similar to the german shepherds. It also have a very high work rate. They are a bit smaller and calm than german shepherds. These Belgian dogs can climb trees, ladders and even strong ropes like their German counterparts. 

So guys this is a brief explanation of the three breeds that were bred together to birth the Lycan Shepherds puppies.

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Characteristics of the Lycan Shepherds

Although the breeder of the blue bay shepherd bred them with other breeds of dogs to reduce their level of provocation and aggression which is common with wolves,There are possibilities that this breed can still exhibit some form of aggressiveness. This is because the lycan shepherds were bred with the german shepherds and belgian malinois which are aggressive breeds. 

However, if a lycan shepherd puppy is trained from a very young age, it won’t have any traits of aggression.

The Lycan Shepherd has the intelligence and problem solving capacity of a wolf. It can assess things easily and solve problems pretty fast.

 The lycan shepherds have a wolf-like appearance which makes it even more unique. It has a dark coat, large head and nice small ears. 

They are very loyal breeds and like the german shepherds and belgian malinois, they are great at carrying out orders.

It is also advisable that you should be tolerant if you want to train a Lycan Shepherd puppy. Being bred by three different breeds, the Lycan Shepherd is most likely to display diverse characters. 

The Lycan Shepherd behavior and attitude is dynamic until they reach age three i.e their attitude and behavior can change regularly until they are three. Do not get a Lycan Shepherd if you have little children or small pets around the house. 

Lycan Shepherds are protective, devoted and smart. If your goal is to get a nice guard dog, or a hard-working dog then this breed of dog is what a try. 

Lycan Shepherd Behavioral Traits Before Age Three

Behaviors you should expect from these breeds before it clocks three years old are; Strong prey drive for smaller animals, aggression towards other dog breeds and love for only one person in a household.

Okay guys these are the characteristics of this breed. Now I will be answering some common questions people ask about these rare breeds.

Is The Lycan Shepherd an AKC Registered Breed?

No. The Lycan Shepherd, despite being bred for about 20 years, is not yet registered with the AKC. The American Kennel corporation is a standard organization and requires a lot of information about a breed before it recognizes it and sadly there isn’t enough information presently about these breeds.

What Is The Size and Weight of a Lycan Shepherd?

Lycan Shepherds are usually about 61 to 71cm tall and weigh about 27kg to 45kg. However, the size and weight of this breed may depend on the location it is being bred. 

Why Can I Buy a Lycan Shepherd Puppy?

You can buy this dog either online or from local breeders within your location. When getting your Lycan Shepherd puppy, make sure you buy from a well recognized and recommended breeder to avoid buying an inferior breed. Make sure you get all the health certificates so you  don’t end up buying a fake Lycan Shepherd puppy.

How Much Does a Lycan Shepherd Puppy Cost? 

Lycan Shepherds are a very rare breed and are very expressive. The price range for this breed of dog is between $3000 to $5000 depending on the breeder.


If you are looking for a unique kind of dog with both wolf and dog characteristics, a lycan shepherd could be what you are looking for. If you are lucky to buy from a good breeder there would be no trace of aggression or provocation in your puppy. Before you get a lycan shepherd puppy make sure you are well prepared for it.


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