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Mink Cat – All You Need To Know About This Unique Breed

Mink cat

Cats are loved all over the globe for their interesting personality and cute appearance. The Mink Ragdoll cat is a cute cat with an amazing personality. These cute felines originated from the first ancestors of ragdolls. 

Most time people get confused about the Mink Ragdoll, they tend to misunderstand what a mink cat is. This article will help clear any misinformation about this special feline and also tell you all the basic necessary facts about the Mink cat. 

What is a Mink Ragdoll Cat

A mink ragdoll cat is a special type of ragdoll cat. It is important to note that the mink cat is not a breed on its own but a variation of the popular ragdoll cat breed. And it is registered under the ragdoll breed by TICA (The International Cats Association). 

A “Mink cat” is not very different from other ragdoll cats. The name “mink” was given to it because of the texture of its fur. Apart from this, there is no special behavior that the mink ragdoll exhibits that is not common in other ragdoll cats. However, some of its characteristics like its eyes and fur distinguish it from the traditional ragdoll cat. 

Characteristics of the Mink Cat


There are only two features that distinguish the mink ragdoll and other traditional ragdolls. They are;

Color: when traditional ragdolls are born they take the all-white coloration. Unlike the traditional ragdolls, mink cats can spot a variety of colors when they are born. Later on, the mink cats will exhibit all the colors that their ragdoll counterpart usually spots.

They spot colors like chocolate, cream, seal, lilac, and even tortie. However, even when mink cats spot the color of other cats their coats appear to be more rich and dark than that of their ragdoll counterparts. 

Eye Color: mink cats also boast different eye colors from that of other ragdolls. Other ragdoll cats usually feature blue eyes that are bright and curious, however, mink cats feature beautiful aqua eyes (this is a mixture of green and blue like the color of the sea). This feature makes the mink ragdoll cat even more beautiful. 


As I have stated above, mink ragdolls do not have any difference apart from the normal ragdoll’s character. They also have the dog-like behavior of ragdolls. They are very friendly and active. Once these cats bond with you perfectly, they will remain your friend till the end. 

Mink cat

Mink cats love human company and will crave attention and quality time spent with you.

Are Mink Ragdoll Cats Hypo-Allergenic? 

Mink cats may not be ideal for people that suffer from cat allergies. Mink cats like all long-haired cats shed regularly. To keep a clean cat you would have to clean up their furs. This action can also make you get really close to them and possibly come in contact with allergens.

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What Color Is A Mink Ragdoll?

Mink cats do not exhibit any different color apart from their ragdoll siblings. Their name “mink” was given to them because of their unique fur texture, which is unique among other ragdoll varieties. Mink cats can spot any of these colors; cream, chocolate, lilac, tortie, flame, and van. 

How Can You Identify Mink Cats In a Litter?

The major difference between mink ragdoll kittens and traditional ragdoll kittens is their coloration. While all traditional ragdoll kittens will spot an all-white coloration, the mink kittens can take on a variety of colors. This characteristic makes the mink kittens quite unique from other ragdoll varieties. 

Are There ½ Mink Cats?

No. The concept of having a half-mink-half-traditional ragdoll is false. A ragdoll is either a full mink or it is not a mink. If a traditional ragdoll cat is born from a union of two mink cats, it does not make the traditional ragdoll a ½ mink or part of the mink family. A traditional ragdoll born from mink parents is the same as a traditional ragdoll born from traditional parents. 

Are Mink Cats More Expensive 

Yes, mink ragdolls tend to be more expensive than traditional ragdolls. Why? Well, they happen to be one of the most important varieties of ragdoll cats because they are one of the first ragdolls. Their bloodline is also considered superior to that of the trad ragdolls. 

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Also, mink ragdolls appear to have some characteristics that make them more unique and maybe more loved by ragdoll lovers. Their beautiful aqua eyes and smooth thick coat are some of the features that give the mink cat an edge over other ragdolls. This makes it not very common when it is compared with other ragdolls. 

Are Mink Cats Rare? 

Compared to other ragdolls, mink cats can be said to be rare. Considering the fact that even when two mink cats mate they can only produce 50℅ mink cats in their litter, we can say mink cats are a bit hard to find. 

Mink cat

Do Mink Cats Shed

Of course, mink ragdolls shed too. Like all other ragdolls, mink cats shed and will require regular grooming to keep their fur clean and in the best form. 

Are Mink Ragdolls Recognized

Are mink ragdolls recognized? Yes. As a breed on their own? No. Mink cats are known to be a family of the ragdoll breed globally. They are recognized by TICA (The International Cats Association) and are allowed to participate in any cat show as a member of the ragdoll breed. 

Sepia Ragdoll Cat vs Mink Ragdoll Cat

Another type of ragdoll cat is the Sepia variety. We can call the Sepia ragdoll cat an advanced version of the mink ragdoll. The Sepia ragdoll inherits a double mink gene. This gives it some interesting characteristics. For example, it appears to have a darker color than that of a mink cat. It may also feature a more smooth and thick coat than that of the mink cat. Its eye color is still different too. While mink cats have attractive aqua eyes, Sepia cats can feature several eye colors. Colors like; Gold, Blue, Aqua (blue-green color), and Green. 

General Overview of the Ragdoll Breed

Ragdoll cats were bred by Ann Baker. Ann sought to produce a gorgeous cat with an attractive personality. She started developing this breed around the 1960s. To create this cat she bred a white long-haired cat with Burmese cats, she did this for many years. Eventually, she finally came up with her desired litter and she named the new breed “ragdolls”. 

Ragdolls are now well known today. They are renowned for their size (larger than most average cats) and wonderful social personality. Around 1993 ragdolls became known globally as a breed after the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) officially recognized it. 

Characteristics of General Ragdolls


Traditional ragdolls are born with an all-white coloration (mink ragdolls are not). Their color begins to appear after 60 days. However, their color does not fully appear until they are about 2 years old. 

Ragdolls feature different eye colorations. For example, the traditional ragdoll has lovely blue eyes, the mink ragdoll boasts cute aqua eyes while the Sepia ragdolls feature a variety of eye colors.

Mink cat

Size: Ragdoll cats can weigh up to 20 pounds. It also measures about 40 inches from the tip of its nose to the tip of its tail.


The ragdoll cat is very friendly and will interact with you every time they get an invitation. You should not be surprised if your ragdoll lies around your leg regularly, that is its way of asking for belly rubs. Ragdolls also love cuddling and snuggling. 

Ragdolls will also do well with kids. As soon as they bond with your kids, they will stick close to them. 

However, ragdolls cannot cope with very difficult play sessions. So keep it easy!

This breed of cats is affectionate, intelligent, vocal, social, playful, and also pet friendly. 

Lifespan: these felines live for a long time as long as they are well cared for. A ragdoll cat can live for about 14 – 17 years 


Grooming: Ragdolls do shed so a good brushing three times a week is ideal for keeping these cats in a clean condition. You will also need to trim your their nails regularly. A good nail trimmer will serve this purpose.

Exercise: ragdolls do not need any special exercise routine, a good play daily could even suffice. Ragdolls will appreciate toys that aid mental stimulation. When it’s playtime for your ragdolls you should not just watch but also join in the fun. 

Health Conditions Associated with Ragdolls
  1. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) 

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a severe heart disease that affects felines. It causes problems in the heart muscles of cats and can result in severe health problems. Unfortunately, this health condition can not be treated. 

  1. Overweight: 

One problem of ragdoll cats is their weight issues. You should never allow your ragdoll cat to become overweight as it could expose it to severe health problems. You can combat being overweight by keeping your cat active and never overfeeding it. 


The mink ragdoll cats are beautiful. Apart from their stunning appearance, they also boast of a wonderful personality and are very friendly towards people. Mink cats may just be that pet that you need to add to your home to make it a perfect home as they are great companions. Trust me, these cats are worth a trial. Cheers!


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