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Ocicat Cat Breed Info, Characteristics, Temperament & Price

If you are looking for a cat whose appearance fits the word athletic, or you are looking for a cat with a wild appearance or a cat with a short coat or a good family cat, then an Ocicat fits your query.

In this guide, we will be explaining what an Ocicat is, its history, temperament, price, and the other things you need to know about this peculiar feline.

What is an Ocicat?

Ocicat was created to look like an ocelot ( A wide cat ). It was bred to have the appearance of a wild cat but not their gene.

Marilyn Krieger, a certified cat behavior consultant in San Francisco described the Ocicat as an ‘ extremely active, intelligent and social cat. They must have interactive toys and plenty of attention from ( time to time ) with their people’.

The Ocicat was created to satisfy the dreams of cat lovers who will want to own a wild feline friend. Wild cats have some lovable unique qualities that distinguish them from domestic cats, the Ocicat was bred in a bid to give cat lovers a wild-domestic kind of cat.

History of the Ocicat

The Ocicat was created because of a dare. Yeah! You heard that right….. A dare. The breeder Virginia Daly was dared by her friend in 1964 to attempt to create a cat that will have the nature of an Abyssinian and a Siamese.

Daly accepted this challenge and created the Abyssinian-pointed Siamese cat. However, when she bred these cats for the second time the result was a single kitten with beautiful spots. A result that didn’t please her.

Because of its unique spot, Daly’s Daughter named this new breed of cat ‘Ocicat’ as it resembled an Ocelot. 

The first Ocicat was named ‘Tonga’ and given as a pet because it did not meet Daly’s expectation of the kind of Cat she wanted to create.

In a letter to Clyde Keeler, a geneticist, Daly described Tonga to Keeler, and in response, keeler suggested Daly bread Tonga back to his mother ( the Siamese ). Daly bred him with the Siamese and this produced Wholly spotted kittens. Later on, the American Shorthair was eventually added to the mix. The addition of the American Shorthair breed brought about a larger size, larger muscles, and a silver coloring in the Ocicat features.

Around 1980 other cat breeders became interested in Ocicats and started breeding these spotted cats. The CFA ( Cat fanciers Association ) began registering Ocicats in 1966, but they were fully recognized in 1987. The International Association also officially recognized Ocicat in 1986.

Presently Ocicats are one of the leading hybrids in the cat world and are also recognized by all the major cat association

Characteristics Of An Ocicat


Head: The head sits majestically on an arching neck. It has a firm jaw and a moderate whisker pinch. Her muzzle is broad and somewhat like a square, it also has a good length. It has a strong chin with allowances for jowls for mature males.

Body: Ocicats are medium-size cats. They boast of an athletic and lithe body. She has a hard, solid, and long body that is not coarse. The Ocicat has significant muscles and substantial bone, its back is slightly higher in the rear and level at the flank. Male Ocicats are generally larger than their female counterparts.

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Color: Ocicats have a variety of colors which range from Tawny spotted, cinnamon spotted, chocolate spotted, blue-spotted, fawn spotted, lavender spotted, ebony silver spotted, cinnamon silver-spotted, chocolate silver spotted, blue silver spotted, fawn silver-spotted, lavender silver spotted and so on.

The lightest color of the Ocicat can be found on its face around the eyes, and the lower jaw and chin. The darkest color is found in the tail area.

The color of any Ocicat is determined by the color of the tip of its tail.

Coat: The coat of an Ocicat cat is short, smooth, satiny, and sleeky. 

Tail: The tail of this cat is long, averagely slim with a dark tip.

Weight: Ocicats weigh about 12-15 pounds.

Lifespan: An Ocicat can live for about 15-18 years

Height: Ocicats cats are about 9-11 inches tall.

Ears: These cats have very alert ears, they are usually set at 45-degree angles. Their ears are moderately large.

Legs and Paws: The legs of this unique spotted cat have well-defined muscles and are powerful and averagely long. The feet of this cat have four toes at the back and five in the front. Their feet are oval.

Eyes: Ocicat’s eyes come in a variety of colors. Her eyes are Almond-shaped and moderately large. The length between the eyes is the length of one of its eyes.

There is no relationship between the Ocicat eye color and its coat color.


Ocicats are very social and active felines. They require and love attention. An Ocicat loves to have a favorite companion with whom it can play or take a walk with. 

Ocicats easily adapt to new surroundings and they can also live with any other pet that is cat friendly. They are highly vocal and very attentive. Ocicats hate being shouted at, shouting at them may hurt them and even make them lose their trust in you.

Ocicats will appreciate other pet companions if they are left alone for a long time. They are quick learners, they can learn how to climb, listen to commands, respond to their names, sit and fetch. They can also master the skill of begging for food lol.

Ocicats are friendly, playful, affectionate, intelligent, and love attention. Also, don’t be surprised if she joins you in the bathroom or bathtub as they are very clingy.


Ocicats are not hypoallergenic. A weekly brushing routine should be able to keep these cats healthy and shining. They don’t require regular baths except if you want to show them to people. In this case, use a shampoo that will bring out their natural coat color. For example, A whitening shampoo for a silver coat, bronze-tone for brown, chocolate, and cinnamon spotted Ocicats, and Pearl-tone for the fawn, blue, and lilac coat.

Ocicats like all felines also require regular trimming of claws and regular cleaning of their litter box. 


Even though Ocicats have a long lifespan there are still some common illnesses associated with them. Lin Kauffman, DVM of Prairie View Animal Hospital in Grimes, Iowa, says ” Any time a cat has been custom bred for specific, ‘designer’ traits you are definitely opening up that potential (For health conditions). And of course, the smaller your gene pool, the more common hereditary disease can be “. 

One of the ailments Ocicats suffers from is Amyloidosis. Amyloidosis is caused by the deposition of amyloid in organs such as kidneys and liver. Amyloidosis can cause lesions and dysfunction which may eventually result in organ failure.

Michelle Beck, DVM, CCRT, CVA, of the Buckland Animal clinic in Omaha, Beck says ” Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy can be manageable, but at some point, a cat that has it is going to go into heart failure. Life expectancy after diagnosis is usually about a year or so”

Price of an Ocicat

Ocicats are a bit on the high side, They can cost up to $3000. A bit costly.

Fun Facts About The Ocicat

  1. The cat’s body is filled with large, thumb-like spots.
  2. In a YouTube Video produced by GQ magazine for the most expensive sh*t series, Ocicats are featured. This series also features rapper 2 Chainz alongside over $165 000 worth of cats.
  3. An Ocicat was the main act in a popular episode of the Animal Planet series ” Too cute! “.


Ocicats are really lovely pets. They would be an active part of your day-to-day activities as they are very clingy and affectionate. They have great athletic bodies that would wow any pet lover. Undoubtedly the Ocicat is a pet you would love to have in your home. Cheers!         

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