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Rainbow Budgie – Characteristics, Care & Other Info

A rainbow budgie

In the world of pet birds, budgies are one of the most known and loved birds. With their unique appearance and characters, they stand different from other birds. One of the most unique species of the budgie family is the Rainbow budgie.

If you are looking to gain more knowledge on the Rainbow budgie or budgies in general then this is the article for you. Also If you are just a random bird enthusiast and you like to read about nice bird species then join us as we take you through the world of the Rainbow budgie.

What Is A Rainbow Budgie

A Rainbow Budgie is a member of the budgie (Ask Me) big family. However, the rainbow budgie depicts a very unique color. This has made it very popular within the budgie and bird community at large. 

Rainbow Budgie Genetics

Yeah, we know it as rainbow budgie, but it is important also we know about how it came to have this coloration and the different varieties of the rainbow budgie. 

Genetics discussion can be a bit boring. So let’s just spice this one up! 

The gene that gives the rainbow coloration in budgies is made up of four mutations. These mutations are;

  1. Blue Mutation: generally when classifying budgies due to the mutations, we have just two major classes. They are; the blue and the green series. Then there is also an enzyme that gives a budgie a yellow color. 

When this enzyme is not present then a budgie can be blue. So for a budgie to be blue it still depends on the green mutation. 

A Cute Rainbow Budgie

In the case of a rainbow budgie, the blue mutation gives it a bluish shade which will still depend on the percentage of green mutation that the budgie could have possessed if it was not blue. The darkness of the blue hue will be decided by the base color (which is usually green).

  1. Yellow Face: as the name suggests a yellow face is a budgie that spots a yellow face. However, there are several varieties of yellow faces. This variety includes; golden face, mutant 1, and mutant 2. These variations are subject to the breeder’s choice and decision. 

The best-known variation is mutant 2 because it slightly changes the color of your rainbow budgie.

  1. ClearWing: The clearwing is the dilution factor in the budgie’s feather. It is a dilution mutation and is necessary for polluting the budgie’s feathers. They spread all over the body of the rainbow budgie and give it the pale and pastel effect.

There are still about two other variations of the diluting mutation. These variants are dilute and greywing. 

  1. Opaline: opaline Is known to be the brightest base color of the rainbow budgie. It also gives a less black stripping. This causes the back and head of the budgie to have a solid color and significantly reduces the number of black coloration on the tail feathers and wings. 

Where Can I Get A Rainbow Budgie?

There are several options you can explore if you want to get a rainbow budgie. These options are;

Bird Shows: local bird shows are the ideal places to meet many rainbow budgie breeders. It can also be a forum where you can get budgies supplies like treats, millet, and toys. You can also get to ask other breeders about the care of this bird.

Even if there is no rainbow budgie on display at a bird show, you can have the opportunity to meet a breeder who has rainbow budgies.

Breeder: Getting a budgie from its breeder gives you a better chance of getting a healthy budgie (especially if it is a breeder within your vicinity). Most breeders offer hand-fed birds which are more friendly, easier to train, and bond really quickly. If you have a breeder around your vicinity it is a bonus as you get to choose your budgie by yourself, rather than depending on pictures. 

Flock Of Budgie

Online Stores: it won’t be an uphill task if you want to get a rainbow budgie from an online store. There are a couple of stores that sell birds online. You just need to look for a store that has been recommended by other people. 

Remember never to buy budgies that appear too cheap or from shops that do not have significant-good reviews from customers. 

Pet Stores: another nice place to get your rainbow budgie from is a pet store. Even if the pet store does not have it in stock, they can order it from breeders. Pet stores normally have a chain of trusted breeders that they buy pets in bulk from. 

Another advantage you get when you buy from a pet store is the good care they give to the bird. You can search for pet stores around your locality on Google and when you get one, you visit them. 

Rescues: bird rescues never run low on birds. Even if there is no rainbow budgie at hand, they will add you to their wish list and contact you as soon as a rainbow budgie is available. Birds from rescue homes are usually good-mannered as they have also lived with families. 

You can also check on Craigslist for birds around you that need rehoming. 

Potential Rainbow Budgie Cage Mates

Rainbow budgies are generally social and active and can do pretty well with other birds too. Here are some of the birds that rainbow budgies can live with. 

  1. Other Budgies: naturally budgies move in flocks when they are in the wild, so another budgie will be an additional family member. There is no bird a budgie loves like one of its kind.
  2. Finches: finches do well with budgies if the cage is large enough to give each of them their privacy. A small cage will not be ideal for a budgie and a finch to live because there will likely be disputes.
  3. Cockatiels: cockatiels too will require a large cage to be able to live with a budgie. One advantage of keeping these two birds together is equality in their care. Cockatiels and budgies have relatively the same pattern of care. 

It is important to get a cage mate for your budgie as they can get easily depressed if they are left alone for a long time. 

Characteristics Of A Rainbow Budgie


Head: the head of a rainbow budgie will either be golden yellow or yellow that blends into the green.

Eye: this bird has black eyes that are complemented by a white iris.

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Cere: the cere of this unique budgie varies depending on the gender. Females spot either a white or light blue color, while males spot deep blue.

Feathers: the feathers of this bird are usually pale gray while their tail feathers will likely take their deep body color.

Body: Rainbow budgies spot different body colorations ranging from cobalt, blue, mauve, or sky.

Wings: The wings of this unique budgie are usually white with patches of green, yellow, and even blue.

Cheek: the cheek of these budgies is usually purple.

Legs: the legs and feet of the Rainbow budgie are usually blue. However, if it involves genes with dark factors it can be grey.

Personality: rainbow budgies also need high mental stimulation like other budgies. They will need attention and space, so a small cage might not be enough for these cute birds. They also enjoy being talked to and can amass an amazing number of vocabulary in the shortest time possible.

These birds are also renowned for their sudden hops into the fingers of the people they love. So don’t be shocked if your rainbow budgie sits on your shoulder or suddenly hops into your fingers. It is a sign that you have bonded well with them.

A rainbow budgie

Rainbow budgies do not like being alone for a long time. If they are left by themselves for a long time, they may result in being destructive. So it is essential you get a companion for them (preferably a fellow budgie) if you will not always be around. 

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This unique budgie will always put up a show. Most times you can hear them singing or trying to pronounce words they have heard from you.

How To Breed A Rainbow Budgie

They are four mutations in the gene of rainbow budgies; 

  1. Clearwing 
  2. Opaline
  3. Blue 
  4. Yellow Face

To breed a rainbow budgie you will have to understand if the mutations are recessive or dominant. In the case of rainbow budgies, most mutations are recessive. This means that; 

For you to create a clearwing rainbow budgie you need two clearwing parents and this applies to the rest except, Yellow face where one of the parents must be yellowface.

How Much Is A Rainbow Budgie

A rainbow budgie should cost from $25 to $50 depending on the breeder and your location.


Rainbow Budgies are wonderful, beautiful pets. Bringing a rainbow budgie home will give you a companion that you can converse with. 

We hope this guide was of great help to you. Cheers! 


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