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White Pitbull: History, Origin, Price and Characters

A white Pitbull is lovely to behold, its solid white coat shows its uniqueness and makes it stand out over other canines.

Pitbulls generally are very captivating but the White Pitbull is even more alluring. Pitbull’s coat colors generally range from red, blue, black, or silver however, seeing an all-white Pitbull is a rare occurrence.

In this article we will be showing you all about this snow king, we will talk about its origin, history, characters, traits, appearance, and temperament. We will also be answering some popular questions like Why is the white pitbull different from other pitbull? What is the white pitbull’s diet? Which exercise is best for the white pitbull? How much is the white pitbull? Alright guys, without further ado let’s get started!

Origin and History of the White Pitbull

The White Pitbull is a part of the family of the pitbull community, it is a very rare breed. The pitbulls’ ancestors are the terriers and bulldogs. Pitbulls came into existence when the bulldogs and terriers were bred together in the 19th century. 

Because of the genes of its ancestors, Pitbulls are vicious in nature, they were majorly used for dogfighting in the 19th century. 

Later on, the dogfighting sport was banned and the Pitbulls involved in the sport were shipped to the United States of America.

In 1898, the United Kennel Club officially recognized the American pitbull as a breed on its own, this led to breeders taking interest in the breeding of this particular dog.

They are now a family breed, as it has passed the American temperament test for pets with flying colors. So having a pitbull now as a pet is not a harmful decision. 

Difference Between a White Pitbull and an Albino Pitbull

The albino pitbull suffers from a rare genetic mutation in animals, parents of this kind of Pitbulls are responsible for the passing on of these mutated genes. This transfer can be done by either of the parents. 

Albino Pitbulls lack pigment cells in their blood vessels, eyes, hair, and skin. They are prone to different bad health conditions because these absent pigment cells serve as a guard for good health among animals. 

One major factor that differentiates the albino pitbull is its translucent or light blue eyes. Even though you can spot these kinds of Pitbulls through this eye feature, it is still preferable to consult a veterinary doctor before buying.

When buying a white pitbull you should not make the mistake of buying an Albino pitbull except you are ready to deal with the severe health conditions that come with it.

Genetics Explanation of a White Pitbull

Genetics is a complex topic to explain, but we will try to explain it comprehensively. 

Just like every other animal, Pitbulls are formed from the genes of their parents. Each parent contributes ½ of the pitbull total genes and each feature of a pitbull comes from the genes of both of its parents. Genes are grouped into two types; the dominant gene and the recessive gene. A dominant gene always overshadows the recessive gene. 

In Pitbulls, two factors determine the coat color of a pitbull. These factors are; 

The A factor: is also known as the Agouti gene. The A factor gives the pitbull a black or red coat color. This means the Agouti gene produces a black or red pitbull.

The S factor: on the other hand gives a pitbull an all-white coat color. The S factor produces a unique solid white coat color. 

The dominant gene of the parents would determine the coat color i.e if the dominant gene has the S factor it would produce an all-white pitbull. 

I believe I have done justice a little on how this unique breed came about with its peculiar white coat color. 

Characteristics of a White Pitbull

If you are already thinking of getting this snow king as a pet, then knowing the characteristics of this beautiful creature is a must. 

  1. Physique: this lovely dog inherited its ancestor’s build and stature. It has a very strong and athletic appearance due to its well-structured muscles. However, you shouldn’t be scared of its build because even though it looks very powerful, it can be as docile as a lamb when it gets to Know you. So there is no reason to be frightened about the white pitbull’s build as it is a very friendly pet. 
  2. Eyes: the white pitbull has a variety of eye colors like black, brown, Hazel, and even red. Its oval-shaped eyes shine out and give it a more alluring appearance. I am already falling deeper and deeper in love with this snow king, just writing about it! 
  3. Social Level: they love to spend time with families and friends. They are always ready for fun, they are also very loyal and would not make a good guard dog because they are over-friendly. If you are considering getting a guard dog you should look elsewhere because the white pitbull is terrible at guarding a house. 
  4. Nose and Tail: the white pitbull’s nose color ranges from chocolate, red and black. It has a thick average length tail that is wide around the base and smaller at the tip. 
  5. Coat: the coat of a white pitbull is smooth and silky. Its coat color is usually solid white and sometimes with patches of other colors. Colors like brown and black as patches make this breed more alluring. 
  6. Height and Weight: these breeds of dog are about 43.1cm to 53.3cm tall and weigh about 13.6kg to 29.4kg. male Pitbulls are usually more aggressive than females. 
  7. Lifespan: a white pitbull can live up to 12 years.

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Grooming of the White Pitbull

One of the most important things to know about the white pitbull is that it needs at least 60minutes of exercise daily unfailingly

This breed of pitbull can be a very interesting exercise partner because of its lively nature. You could jug and run together. 

Pitbulls should be allowed to socialize with other dogs when they are puppies, socializing with other dogs would boost their manners. It is advisable that you take a walk with your pitbull regularly. This shouldn’t be a problem because they are agile.

The white pitbull has a short coat, therefore it doesn’t need maximum brushing. A little brushing will keep it clean and healthy. 

These canines can also be used as nanny dogs. They hate to be left alone for a long time and may destroy things when left alone for long. 

Correction and consistency is the best method of training these pretty white canines. Slapping and kicking are bad ideas for correcting these beautiful canines.

Consult your veterinary doctor for your white pitbull diet, but make sure the diet contains at least 25% protein with meat. 

Health Issues Of The White Pitbull

White Pitbulls are prone to hip dysplasia, cataracts, and skin allergies. They also suffer from severe skin conditions if they are left in the sun for too long.

They also have a high risk of suffering from congenital deafness. 

Price of a White Pitbull

Because of the uniqueness and rareness of this breed, it is quite expensive to buy. A white pitbull puppy cost about $1000 to $3000. 


The beauty of a white pitbull is a very good sight to behold. It is a rare pet. Even though the price of this breed of dog is on the high side it’s worth every single penny. If you ever need a companion, a loyal friend, a playful pet, and a cute active dog, then you should really consider a white pitbull. Remember to always consult a veterinary doctor before buying your pets, ensure you buy your pitbull from a well-recognized and recommended breeder to avoid buying an Albino pitbull. Cheers! 

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