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Home » Why Do Cats Sleep At Your Feet? The Full Answer

Why Do Cats Sleep At Your Feet? The Full Answer

Why Do Cats Sleep At Your Feet

You have probably been thinking why do your cats sleep at your feet? Most times whenever you want to go to bed or you are relaxing on a chair, you must have noticed your cat sleeping at the foot of your bed or chair rather than joining you on the bed.

While most cat owners may take this as a bad development or an indication that your cat is not bonding well with them, it does not necessarily mean your cat is giving you cold shoulders or acting up.

In this article, we will be answering the question Why Do Cats Sleep At Your Feet with very satisfying answers. We will also be talking about some other questions that are related to this query.

Why Do Cats Sleep At Your Feet

Why Do Cats Sleep At Your Feet

They are a number of reasons why cats sleep at the owner or pal’s feet. Here are some of the most significant reasons.

1 Survival Instincts: it is a known fact that domestic cats originated from wide cats, and despite centuries of breeding, domestic cats still possess a fair share of the wild cat’s appearance and behavior. In the wild where their ancestors live, one of the topmost priorities is to survive. Because of this, cats have developed great involuntary survival instincts. One of these peculiar instincts is the habit of wild cats making their home in places where the entrance is easily accessible and is also visible. This trait is also present in domestic cats; they tend to sleep at the feet of the bed because it provides more coverage of the entrance of the room. So instead of your cat snuggling onto you on the bed with you, she may make the foot of the bed its home for the night. This trait allows the cat to see danger first and also allows it to escape easily without any notice.

  1. More Space: cats like all pets like to have their own space. They require a large space to sleep. Your cat may go to sleep at the foot of a lot of obstacles. The foot of your bed provides a more open space for your cat’s night sleep and relaxation.

Another reason why your cat may go to the foot of your bed for more space is because of your tossing around (this scenario will happen if you are the kind of person that does have restless sleep). Your cat may seek space for sleep at the foot of the bed if you are disturbing it with your tossing around on the bed.

Another reason that may make your cat go to the foot of the bed is its normal routine before sleeping. Most cats would walk around the place they want to sleep in several times before settling down there. This may not be possible in a bed already containing you.

  1. Territorial Instincts: cats like to have territories of their own. Your cat sleeping at the feet of your bed may mean it wants to own and control its own territory. They may use this behavior to draw your attention to the fact that they command their own habitat. Your cat may not also feel comfortable sleeping on the bed with you because it feels you are encroaching. So it will make the foot of the bed its resting place to avoid encroachment.
  2. Protecting You or Protecting Them: another reason why cats make the feet of the bed their shelter for the night is because of the urge to protect you. Your cat may sleep at the foot of your bed or at your feet if she thinks she has more chance of seeing danger and protecting you.

Cats also sleep at your feet or the feet of the bed because they feel they are more hidden from danger there. Felines are very aware of the fact that they are vulnerable when they are asleep, so they hide at your feet or the foot of your bed as a way of keeping themselves hidden from potential predators. They also believe that they have a better chance of escape in case of danger.

Why Do Cats Sleep At Your Feet

  1. The Foot of the Bed Is Cooler: cats like all living things will love to have a cool comfortable sleep, not a hot uneasy one. Your bed may become too hot for your cat because of your body, blankets, sheets, and your cat’s fur. This may make your cat seek refuge in the foot of the bed where she could experience a more comfortable and cool sleep. So while you might think your cat may not want to snuggle up with you on the bed it may just be avoiding a hot and uneasy sleep, thereby making her turn to the foot of your bed instead of your rather too-hot embrace.

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  1. Neatness: your cat may find refuge on the foot of your bed if it feels your bed is not neat enough for it. Naturally, cats are very neat animals so your standard of neatness may not be up to their standard. Your cat may also decide to retire at the edge of the bed if your bed seems to be too scattered.
  2. Cat’s Night Vision: naturally wide cats are renowned for their after-dusk movement. This is because they have clearer vision at night. Having known that, you must understand that your cat will take some time before it learns the habit of sleeping at night. Because of this night movement, your cat may not want to sleep on the top of your bed as it may not support her after-dusk movement. She will love to sleep in a place where she can move freely at night.

Cats sleep on your feet because they feel more warmth than when they sleep on the bed with you. Most cats will sleep on your feet and later return to the foot of the bed when the temperature is too cold and later return to the foot of your bed when the temperature returns back to normal.

Cats sleeping on your feet give a warm feeling. Most time your feet will provide more heat to your cat than her sleeping close to you.


Why do cats sleep at your feet? We have given a good number of reasons why your trusted feline friend forsakes sleeping close to you and chooses the foot of your bed instead. We hope this article is of great help to you. Cheers!

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