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Why Schnauzers Are The Worst Dogs?

Why schnauzers are the worst dogs

The Schnauzer dog breed originated in Germany however this breed has now spread across the globe, earning a spot in the Top 20 popular dogs in the US by the American Kennel Club. 

Originally bred as farm and guard dogs, their small to medium body contains large chunks of energy which makes them very active dogs. With years of breeding, the schnauzers have been bred into modern home/family dogs.

Although Schnauzers are loved by a lot of pet parents, a decent percentage of pet parents don’t feel that way. This has brought about the question of Why Schnauzers Are The Worst Dogs?

Schnauzers are actually not the worst dogs, there is no such thing as the worst dog. Just like other dogs the schnauzer breed also has good sides as well as bad sides. 

However, what matters is that you know a dog’s personality because a good dog in the wrong hands can turn into a worst dog.

In this article, we are going to talk about the bad sides of the Schnauzers dog breed as well as their good sides. 

Why schnauzers are the worst dogs

Why Schnauzers Are The Worst Dogs? 


  1. Schnauzer can get a little bit aggressive: 

Considering their origin as members of the terriers, it wouldn’t be a thing of a surprise if this dog breed exhibits some form of aggressiveness. 

Their excess energy is considered to be a major cause of their aggressive nature. Schnauzer dogs only get aggressive occasionally. For example when you try to take their food while they are eating. They feel you are declaring war against them. 

  1. More than average grooming needs: 

If you are a busy person and also with a tight budget for your dog grooming needs, you did better stay clear of the Schnauzer dog breed. Although the schnauzers are hypoallergenic, keeping their hair clean is not an easy task. They require regular grooming, and if you fail to meet their grooming needs, their hair gets knotted.

  1. Require more exercise commitment time: Unlike other dogs, a simple exercise routine of 10 – 20 minutes won’t suffice for a Schnauzer dog. They are very energetic and will require a longer time commitment from you for their exercise routine.

Exercise is very important to this dog breed because that is how they get to relieve their excess energy. Leaving this dog bored means you are signing up for a scattered home as they can get destructive when left bored. 

Although they can be trained into family dogs, their energy as farm dogs still exists in them. And this is a trait most people don’t want in their dog, especially people who are not overactive to meet the pace. 

  1. Highly vocal and bark a lot: with a Schnauzer dog in your apartment you did be visited at least once every evening by your neighbors with complaints of Noise Pollution. 

Schnauzers are very vocal dogs and as such tend to bark, growl, whine and cry a lot. Their voices are also pretty loud. 

If you live in an apartment. It is better you stay away from Schnauzers dogs as you don’t want your neighbors complaining about your dog disturbing them. 

  1. Hard To Train: 

If you are new to pet parenting you should stay away from a schnauzer dog. Schnauzers are intelligent dogs but also strong-willed and stubborn at times. 

Being strong-willed, slightly aggressive, and full of energy makes the Schnauzer dog breed a difficult breed to train. 

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Training this dog breed will require patience, commitment, and a good level of pet training experience. 

If you don’t have all these qualities the Schnauzer dog is not for you. 

  1. They Can’t Coexist With Other Pets: 

Schnauzers are very protective of their territory. They also have a strong prey drive especially when it comes to smaller animals. So if you have other pets in your home, getting a schnauzer might not be a great idea. 

why schnauzers are the worst dogs

Why Schnauzers Are The Best Dogs? 

1 Great Guard Dog:

With their origin as farm dogs, it’s no surprise that the schnauzers will serve well as guard dogs. Their excess energy and aggressiveness are traits of a guard dog. 

Also being very vocal dogs, they will always bark at unfamiliar faces or any unusual thing within your environment. Thereby notifying you of any security threat.

  1. Schnauzers Are Hypoallergenic: 

Lots of benefits come with hypoallergenic dogs. If you have a dog hair allergy then this breed could become the best dog for you.

Schnauzers are hypoallergenic dogs which means they rarely shed. This is also a good characteristic for people who are sticklers for cleanliness as you won’t get to see hair laying around your home. 

  1. Great Pest and Rodent Hunter: 

The Schnauzer’s strong prey drive can be of benefit to you if you have a rat in your house. You get a Schnauzer today, and that stubborn rat in your house is finna hold its farewell party that night. 

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The plenty of hair on their face keeps away rats and mice from getting to its face. 

  1. Surprising Double Personality:

You will be amazed at how calm and sweet it can be in the evenings, you can say a Schnauzer is an onion with different layers. Pet parents of the Schnauzer dog breed have revealed how surprised they feel when they see their dog in the evening. 

After an energetic day, the Schnauzer completely switches to a very calm dog by evening. You will get to see her sleeping at your feet after a playful and energetic day. These sweet and loving moments are quite a scene to watch. 

  1. Calmer Than Other Terriers: 

Schnauzers are a lot calmer than other terriers. Considering the origin of the terriers and how aggressive they can get, the Schnauzers are the best of the terrier family because they are a lot calmer. They were not used for burrowing like other terriers and they know when to turn down their craziness. 


Is A Schnauzer A Good Pet?

Schnauzers are good pets. However, it depends on who is getting them as pets. The Schnauzer dog breed is a good pet but not for everyone. 

As a person, you have to be sure your personality and lifestyle can work with the personality of a Schnauzer.  

If you are a person that stays in an apartment then you did better avoid this dog breed. However, if you stay alone in a large compound you won’t have to worry about getting complaints from neighbors because of how loud and often your dog barks. 

So it all comes down to who is the person getting a Schnauzer as a pet.

Are Schnauzers Calm? 

No, Schnauzers are very energetic and vocal dogs. These traits in them have made these dogs not a perfect example of calmness. The schnauzers are not calm dogs. 

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So if you are looking for a calm dog this dog breed is not for you. 

What Is The Life Expectancy

A Schnauzer dog’s life span is 12 – 15 years. They are healthy dogs so they live for a long time. 

Do Schnauzers Like To Cuddle?

Schnauzers aren’t much of lap dogs as they are likely to get away from you if you try to cuddle them. 

Are Schnauzers Good With Kids?

Yes, Schnauzers get along pretty well with kids. They are not a one-person kind of dog, they stay loyal to all members of the family. However, you must make sure your kids do not play silly pranks on them. Like taking away their food when they are eating, or pulling their hair out of the blue. It won’t really end well as they might get aggressive. 


Schnauzers are nice dogs and can also make great pets. The question “why schnauzers are the worst dogs’ ‘ originated because some pet parents got dogs that don’t match their lifestyle as pet dogs. 

There is no such thing as a worst dog however, there are different dogs for different parents. 

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